Woman charged with murder 9 years after hit-and-run victim went missing

Woman charged with murder 9 years after hit-and-run victim went missing


By Kerry Breen

/ CBS News

Alabama resident Bridgette Mathews has been arrested in connection with the unsolved 2014 murder of Charles Jackson Jr. 

Jackson was run over and killed in West Mobile, Alabama, in May of 2014, the Mobile County District Attorney’s office said in a news release Monday. Jackson has been missing since May 23, 2014, the district attorney’s office said. According to CBS affiliate WKRG, he was 33 at the time. 

The district attorney’s office said they believed Mathews, a Mobile resident, had “run over and killed” Jackson. He was last heard from when he texted the word “Help,” and his body has never been found. 

According to the Mobile County Metro Jail’s list of inmates, Mathews has been in custody since mid-August 2023. WKRG reported that she was being held for violating probation and an escaping charge. She has now been charged with murder. Her arraignment “will be scheduled at a later date,” the district attorney’s office said Monday.

District attorney Keith Blackwood told WKRG that Mathews and Jackson knew each other, and that there will be more arrests in the case. 

“We know that Mathews and the victim were acquainted with one another,” Blackwood said. “We know that there are other people involved in this that knew Charles Jackson and we are continuing to investigate this. We do not expect this to be the last arrest that’s made in the case.”

Kerry Breen

Kerry Breen

Kerry Breen is a news editor and reporter for CBS News. Her reporting focuses on current events, breaking news and substance use.

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