Will the 49ers be Active at the NFL Trade Deadline?

Will the 49ers be Active at the NFL Trade Deadline?

Since becoming competitive in 2019., the 49ers make a trade every year.

Although it hasn’t been for the most famous names in football, the trades they made have helped improve the team. The 49ers are known for acquiring players that can help them, from Charles Omenihu to Emmanuel Sanders.

This year could be no different. The 49ers are currently attached to Panthers runningback Christian McCaffrey. Although I doubt that this trade will ever become a reality, it is a sign that the 49ers continue to look.

“I’m sure we look at everything,” Shanahan said. “So I mean, if something makes sense and is possible, I know that we will not hesitate to do it. This is a difficult thing for all teams to do, but it’s something we always consider. “

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Will the 49ers be active at the NFL trade deadline?

I think so. I suspect it would be for an inside defensive lineman again. At least, that’s what it will take to make them active at the trade deadline. Javon Kinlaw and Arik Armstead have created two holes in the defensive line. While the 49ers defense is fine without them, it still puts strain on their depth.

Acquiring Omenihu in the last year helped their depth. Armstead was able to take more snaps inside by bringing in Jordan Willis in 2020. As these players are rare and difficult to acquire, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a trade for a popular player. There is a possibility that the trade market may be stagnant with so many teams having two or three wins this season. Shanahan was asked whether this could slow down or hinder trade activity at the deadline.

“I don’t know. Shanahan said that each year is different. “It’s not just about people’s records but also their depth charts, where they are, contracts and stuff for next year. So I don’t think it’s fair to say that it would be different because of that. “

A lot can happen in a matter of weeks as to who is available for trade. However, I believe that the best and most likely way for a trade to materialize for the 49ers would be if there was an interesting defensive lineman.

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