Why Julian Edelman Thinks Tom Brady Is Moving on From Buccaneers

Why Julian Edelman Thinks Tom Brady Is Moving on From Buccaneers

Tom Brady’s future for next season is still up in the air.

Will he stay with the Buccaneers, retire (again) from the NFL or be traded to another team?

According to Brady’s former Patriots teammate Julian Edelman, the seven-time Super Bowl champion should seek a change of scenery because it would benefit him to play with a different team.

“If he has another season, it’s not going to be in Tampa Bay,” Edelman said on Inside the NFL. “Tom is a businessman. He’s going to do exactly what he did when he left New England. He’s going to go to the best situation that helps him win.”

The Buccaneers finished 8–9 this season but still won the NFC South. This allowed Tampa Bay to take the fourth NFC seed in the playoffs, where it lost to the Cowboys 31–14 in the wild-card round on Monday.

Edelman thinks that if Brady wants to continue making the playoffs and potentially winning Super Bowls, he should go somewhere else.

As of now, there are rumors circulating that the Raiders and Dolphins are interested in picking up Brady. When asked about these rumors, the quarterback brushed them off.

“I don’t know,” Brady said. “You guys gotta write something new every day. I just wake up, show up and try to do my job.”

Regardless, Brady’s decision is expected to be one of the biggest headlines this offseason.

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