Whoopi Goldberg wants Lizzo, Nicki Minaj, and Keke Palmer to star in ‘Sister Act 3’

Whoopi Goldberg wants Lizzo, Nicki Minaj, and Keke Palmer to star in ‘Sister Act 3’

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Joey Nolfi

By Joey Nolfi October 14, 2022 at 09: 41 AM EDT

With a script for the long-awaited, Tyler Perry-produced musical sequel set to arrive “by the end of this month,” the Oscar-winning actress is one step closer to reprising her role as Sister Mary Clarence, a former nightclub singer who goes undercover as a nun. She now has an idea of which stars she should accompany to church.

“Hopefully we’ll get it together and get it done sooner rather than later,” the View moderator told Charlamagne the God on Thursday’s episode of his Comedy Central talk series Hell of a Week. “I’m going to ask for Keke [Palmer] to come in. I want everyone to come in. I want Lizzo to come in. I want everyone. I want the girl with the chest, what’s her name?… Nicki [Minaj]! I want Nicki. I want everyone. I want everyone to have fun. “

Palmer fuelled casting rumors when she shared a fan poster for Sister Act 3 , that featured her among a dream cast which also included Bette Midler.

God bless you all for this manifestation over your lives. [Disney], this is what they asked for I’m just here to relay,” the Nope and Hustlers actress tweeted next to the image.

Though Midler and Palmer have not officially been confirmed for the production, Goldberg did tell her Sister Act series costar Kathy Najimy that she credits interest in the actress’ recent Disney sequel Hocus Pocus 2 for helping push Sister Act 3 into existence.

It took some time, but it’s finally happening. You all helped that happen, I think, because they brought Hocus Pocus back,” Goldberg told Najimy last week on The View. “They said that they might as well send those nuns out again and see if there is any juice. ‘”

Perry appeared on The View in September noting that he “loved the idea” for Sister Act 3, “but the Hollywood system moves a little slower” than he hoped it would for such a beloved series.

Lizzo, Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act; Nicki Minaj

Lizzo; Whoopi Goldberg in ‘Sister Act’; Nicki Minaj

| Credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images; Everett Collection; Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

“We’ve got a good script — we’re off to a great start,” he said. “We’re just trying get everyone moving in the right direction to get this going. “

You know we’re still going on that movie,” Goldberg said to her on the show. “I do everything I can for her because she’s fun. ”

Disney first announced Sister Act 3 back in 2020, with an anticipated streaming release on Disney . The first film grossed $231.6 million at the worldwide box office in 1992, with its 1993 sequel — featuring iconic singer-songwriter Lauryn Hill in a supporting role — pulling in $125 million in worldwide ticket sales.

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