What Scott Satterfield, Louisville Football Players Said After 34-17 Win at Virginia

What Scott Satterfield, Louisville Football Players Said After 34-17 Win at Virginia

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Despite being short several top playmakers, Louisville was able to bounce back at Virginia and secure a 34-17 victory for their first win in conference play.

Here’s what head coach Scott Satterfield, safety M.J. Griffin, quarterback Brock Domann, tight end Marshon Ford and cornerback Jarvis Brownlee Jr. had to say following the loss:

Head Coach Scott Satterfield

(Opening statement)

First of all really proud of our guys. After a difficult week last week, and after a hard loss at BC, we were obviously disappointed in last week’s loss. Our guys and our staff deserve credit. They fought on, and didn’t listen to the naysayers. Everyone will put you down if you don’t do well, no matter who you are. No matter what your position is, they will always talk negatively about you and put you down. You have two options: listen to it or just keep doing what your doing and hoping for some good things. The second quarter was the best for us. The offensive and defensive performance of the first quarter was poor. Our guys started to settle down in the second half. We made some plays and we fought back. They did a fantastic job getting the ball back and kicking the field. That was a huge accomplishment right before the half. To go up 13-10, to get that momentum knowing that they’re going to get the ball back when we come back out in the second half. Our defense did a fantastic job stopping and holding them down, and then our offense scores. Next thing you know, we’re up 10 with only four and a half minutes off the clock. This is a great momentum for us. We fought a bit and then we took over in the fourth quarter.

I’m very proud of our guys. In the second half, we had a great offensive drive. They took eight and a half minutes to finish the clock and scored a touchdown. This is huge for our guys. That’s something I am proud of. I spoke about how we had some new starters. Everyone knows the quarterback. Brock (Domann), came out and what a tremendous effort he gave us today. After the first quarter, he settled down and played well. Huge play on the fourth down when he pulls it and goes for touchdown about 50 yards. He made a great play. He seemed to settle down and began making great throws against their defense. We had a lot respect for their defense. Griffin was a safety officer when I saw him. It was a great day for Griffin. This is a great thing for us. These guys stepped up when it was needed. Our backs were against a wall today, we’re o­for-whatever ACC play, so we’re going to the road, all the negativity, and we got all these back-ups and then they played a great match. We held them to a single digit rush yard defensively. Offensively, we put up 470 yards against a really good defense. It’s hard to express how proud I am of the guys’ resilience and the way they played this game.

(On if the players rallied to support Domann or Satterfield with all the negativity surrounding the program)

Well, I don’t know about me. I do know that they stood up for Brock. Many of the guys on the field would approach you and say, “Hey, great job coach.” I love you. It happens. I love them too. It’s the people that matter more than the player. It doesn’t matter what happens to me. That’s how I coach my entire career. They can never take it away from you. That’s what I told them. We’ve all faced a lot of adversity. But, you can still be yourself. When you are faced with all the negativity, your character will be revealed. I want them to know that no matter what, I care about them.

I thought our offensive line was outstanding today because they are a very good sack team. They have produced a lot of sacks this season and they kept their heads clean. (Brock Domann had a clean pocket today and was able sit down and make some throws. It was amazing to see them rally behind him. Brock is a selfless man. Brock cares about his teammates even when he isn’t playing. He is always encouraging them, so they want to play well for him today. I thought we did a great job defensively. The only exception was the pass down the sideline. We kept everything in front and rallied to tackle. This was our goal for this week: to not give up the big plays we made in the BC game. I thought they did a great job.

(On the 4th and 2 option keeper for a 44-yard score)

We knew on fourth down, particularly short, they’re gonna bring everybody in the box and blitz off the edge. If they do blitz it’s off the edge. Brock has to pull it. He isn’t known for being a runner but that doesn’t matter because there shouldn’t. He was able to read the play very well and pulled it off. Then he goes off to race. He displayed the speed he had today on that run. He made a great play. It’s part our offense, we’ve been running that, and he was able to pull that back.

(On if that play by Domann took some pressure off him)

I think so, I do. It probably helped him relax a bit more and he said, “Man, I can play alongside these guys.” This is a guy who had never played any sports. He was a South Florida player, and the game was already out-of-control. As a player, it is easy to believe you are where you belong. But, until you get out there and do it, you won’t know. He made that play because he was disappointed in third down. He thought he had the first down. He slid and the ball is put back. It’s only one yard. He was so disappointed. Notice how he was running for yards from that point onwards and not sliding.

(On if he said anything to Domann after his rough start)

Not necessarily to him, but really for the whole team. It’s not how you react to adversity that you know. You have to forget about that one and move on to the next. He did a great job at not dwelling on the negative plays in the first half. … He eventually settled down and began to see the world differently. That’s the best thing about it. As a quarterback, things move quickly at first. You have to read everything. He noticed that the game was slowing down, but then he just started to play. We knew he was capable. He was a great thrower, and I am proud of him.

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(On difference in Griffin at safety and Riley at corner)

We’ve been trying to find a good mix and match, where to put the guys to be able to make plays. We talked about one thing this week: if you are the deep safety, go deep. Do not kick it up the middle post ball. I don’t believe we did that today. Last week, that was our Achilles heel. You can then roll down and get down to hit that alley. I think they were able that. You mentioned Quincy playing in a corner. We are rotating some guys around. Tre Clark is playing in the slot. We’re trying to find a good matchup. Brownlee had a nice pick, Griffin had one. It’s a good mixture of what they were doing at the back end. The D-line and linebackers at the front are also something I am proud of. It’s a huge accomplishment to hold college football at the same level as we did, rushing.

(On how he blocks out all the outside noise)

I don’t turn my phone on, that’s number one. If you feel bad about yourself, don’t turn on your phone. I don’t listen. I have a job. I do my job to my best ability and that’s what we did this week. We went to work. I don’t know how I can do anything else. I’m not smart enough for that. It was just a hyperfocus among our staff: offense and defense, and kicking. Everyone just seemed to have rallied around and said, “Listen! Let’s do this!” Let’s get it done. Let’s play together as a team, good on offense, defense, and special teams,” and that was what we did in the second quarter. It doesn’t matter what team you play, you still have to go out and make plays. The guys must go out and make plays. We coaches can’t make plays for them. Today, I saw many playmakers making plays.

(On if there were any conversations with the administration following the Boston College loss)

There’s conversations after every week. We always have conversations, no matter what. The conversation that followed last week was “Hey, how can we get better?” How can we improve? I shared some of the same things with you as I shared with Josh Heird, our administration. We do everything we can to make things better. Let’s start by naming the things we are going to do. Then let’s get on with making it happen. It’s still early in the season. We are at the halfway point and still have a lot to play. We take it one at a time. We have to get better. We have a lot of injured guys, so we need to get better. We had to go out and recruit, then continue to recruit. Then we’ll have Pittsburgh the next week.

(On who was the play caller today)

I still called the plays today, like we always do. It was a great collaboration with our offensive staff. I got into the business of calling plays. But I’m not a hard-headed enough to listen to my guys. I’m going to listen to our coaches. I’m working with the defense and we’re discussing the next series. When I return, I ask the defense, “Alright guys, what are your views out there?” We discuss it, here are some things we need to run and then I call the play. But I’m taking in all the information. We have great coaches on offense and defense. I’m going to take that information and run with it. But I’m calling plays. I also called plays in the first quarter when they weren’t good. They were the last three, but I was calling them that. The guys went out and played.

(On if there was more of an effort this week to get Marshon Ford involved in the passing game)

Yeah, it was a big effort this week. We asked ourselves “Where can we put our guys best in order to make plays after the BC game?” This week, we really thought about it. T-Huddy (Tyler Hudson), was on the inside. He had a few catches on both the inside and outside. Marshon Ford was on the inside, working on safety. Ahmari (HugginsBruce) was our outsider. We tried to use these guys’ talents to our best to make plays. Ford did great today, both inside on linebackers and safeties. He’s a great player. We tried to get him more balls today, but couldn’t connect on it. He would have scored a touchdown, I thought.

Quarterback Brock Domann

Tight End Marshon Ford, Cornerback Jarvis Brownlee Jr. Twitter – /@UofLReport.Instagram – @louisville_report. Twitter –


Quarterback Brock Domann

Tight End Marshon Ford, Cornerback Jarvis Brownlee Jr.

(Photo of Scott Satterfield: Jamie Rhodes – USA TODAY Sports)

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