WATCH: Tyger Campbell Talks New Guards, Leadership Role at UCLA

WATCH: Tyger Campbell Talks New Guards, Leadership Role at UCLA

UCLA men’s basketball point guard Tyger Campbell spoke with reporters before practice at the Mo Ostin Basketball Center on Wednesday. Campbell spoke about his experience as a coach on the floor and how he feels about moving into a more senior role. He also shared his impressions of Amari Bailey, the other freshmen guards, and how he believes he will play alongside Adem Bona, a five-star center.

Gap in senior and freshman… leadership role?

We do what Coach asks us to do. It’s easy because Coach is always there for the guys and he’s such an excellent coach making sure they’re all happy. But I can only say that the young men are getting better every day. They came in ready than my class, so we are excited to watch their growth. There are some great players.

You have to be more of an instructor on the floor with these guys.

Yeah, but it’s easy for me. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and Coach trusts me so I know I have to be an extension of him.

Surreal that you are “old guy” now?

A little. Jaime and I were talking a lot about it. It’s funny because I can remember coming in thinking we were the best people in the world. But, we were just like the young guys you mentioned. They work hard every day, as I keep repeating. They are trying to make some time, to make some minutes, and to just get in that rotation.

Something you would have told younger version of self?

Be patient. Many young men want to play on every possession. You just need to move the ball, play within the team, and do what your team needs.

What have you seen from guards?

Well, they’re competitors. That’s what I love about Amari. He is so skilled around the basket. He is very good at getting the ball off the court and making the right plays. Dylan is a great player, and he can pick up the whole court. We needed someone like that to defend us. He’s also hitting his open shots. They’ll be great for us. Keep listening to coach as they continue to develop one day at a while.

It’s nice to have other facilitators around.

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Yeah, I’d just say it’s… having more point guards is always good. We all love to share the ball. It’s just a different team with different players. It’s not better. It’s just different.

Best ball movement team you’ve ever played on?

I hope so. They’re moving quite well. We’ll have to wait and watch the games begin.

Potential for this team defensively?

I see a lot guys, we take the defensive side very seriously. Some guys want to play defense, but it’s obvious that they have a coach. They won’t hide anything. They want to be the best coach on the court. When I say that, I mean a lot of the young men. It’s been great. It’s been very competitive in practice.

Would you like to see some full court pressings?

I mean of course. Full court press will help us play faster, get up and down quicker, and get more shots. We’ll follow whatever coach says.

Impression of Adem?

He is a dog. Adem is a dog. He is very hard working. He is very vocal. He is a very talented young man.

So might see some lob city with him?


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