Visit Upshur County, West Virginia

Visit Upshur County, West Virginia

Buckhannon is a small town in the middle of West Virginia. It is small in terms of the population and how easy it is to get around. However, it is not a boring po-dunk community. Buckhannon is a vibrant downtown that exudes energy and charm in West Virginia. There is an emerging arts district, with public art appearing in unexpected places, and surprising, many top-quality food options.

Buckhannon’s Main Street is alive with energy. Shoppes lined the street with colorful flags and window displays welcome you into the boutiques. The best seasons are spring and summer, when every street corner is filled with flowers. This town is known for its charming MainStreets in the USA, but one side of town is rapidly becoming a vibrant, artistic scene. Trader’s Alley has murals and a walkway painted. Just around the corner is Lascaux Micro-Theater, which premieres shows such as the Manhattan Film Festival or other artistic cinema. Every week, The Blaxxmith Shop has interactive art exhibits and events. You will often see artists preparing for the next event at the corner.

It’s easy for people to see that the arts are valued in the community. The local city bought a Main Street building, and turned it into the Colonial Arts Center, a hub for performances and theater, exhibition space, and workshops. Recent productions include Clue: Live On Stage” and “A 1940s Radio Christmas Carol”.

Buckhannon’s creativity also flows into the restaurants. Local is a good thing, and yes, it’s all definitely local. As Laura Meadows, Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, says, “Buckhannon prides himself on having our own people own restaurants; we don’t have many chains restaurants and that’s why we like it that manner.” Local means finding places like Fish Hawk Acres that are known for Teresa’s biscuits and focaccia bread. Fish Hawk offers more than just meals. The downtown spot also has a first-class retail market called The Coop and welcomes guests to the kitchen for interactive cooking classes.

fish hawk
Fish Hawk
Stone tower brews
Stone Tower Brews

Stone Tower Brews is a favorite for a quick caffeine boost. They have a wide selection of West Virginia craft beers on tap and can also make specialty coffee blends. The Whistle Stop Bar and Grill is known for its amazing burgers. Although it may not be very well-known, they have some of the best burgers in town, including “The Caboose” and “Almost Heaven.”

Buckhannon is best known for its downtown vibes. However, you can also see the wild and wonderful side West Virginia around the town. Upshur County Trails has 10 miles of trails that are suitable for both mountain bikers or hikers. Local trail builders like to say that the wooded network was “made by mountain bikesrs, for mountain bikingrs.” The West Virginia Wildlife Center offers more scenic trails and experiences. Guests can enjoy an immersive experience by walking through West Virginia’s wooded forest to view the state’s native wildlife in natural enclosures. The Audra State Park offers overnight camping spots along the Middle Fork River. It is a beautiful spot with breathtaking views and the sounds of the river.

West Virginia is a rising top destination. Locals have known about the hidden gems: the rolling hills, the ski slope-lined winter mountains, the wide-open forests and the small towns that are full of Appalachian culture. Buckhannon is a great choice in a time where everyone is looking for a new getaway.

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