Viral Mayo Bowl Moments That Made Fans Do a Double Take

Viral Mayo Bowl Moments That Made Fans Do a Double Take

Bowl season is all about unique sponsorships. The Duke’s Mayo Bowl is the best game to integrate its sponsor than any other. Friday will beMarylandAndNC StateA variety of mayo-themed content went viral after the battle in Charlotte.

First, Duke’s Mayo introduced Tubby, the official mascot for the bowl game. Tubby is a giant jar filled with mayonnaise.

Social media accounts joined the fray. Taylor Smyth, Maryland’s Twitter account manager, participated in the Mayo Bowl by eating mayo in different ways, as the original tweet gained more and more likes.

Duke’s Real Mayo also made sure to do its viral marketing. Jay Arnold, the bowl’s one millionth fan, was given a huge jar of mayonnaise during the first quarter. Another fan took a whole jug.

Halftime was over when Tubby joined Anish Shrifoff and Brock Osweiler at the booth to taste the Duke’s Mayo on macarons.

Duke’s Mayo also hosted a mayo-eating contest between a Maryland fan & an NC State fan. The Terrapin came out on top.

Bryson Speas, NC State’s offensive lineman, revealed to the world that his favorite pasta dish is mayonnaise.

While many sponsors do a great deal of promotion during bowl season, Duke’s Mayo does it better.

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