Vanessa Hudgens had ‘witchy awakening’ filming ‘The Princess Switch’

Vanessa Hudgens had ‘witchy awakening’ filming ‘The Princess Switch’

Vanessa Hudgens had her first ‘witchy awakening’ filming The Princess Switch and now has a ‘spirit box’

“I make sure to try to connect to spirits whenever I can.”

The occult isn’t just a bunch of hocus-pocus to Vanessa Hudgens

The actress, who stars in the new Tubi paranormal documentary Dead Hot, revealed that she has “always felt really connected” to the supernatural realm and recently discovered that she was a witch while shooting the The Princess Switch movies.

“I was filming The Princess Switch 2 or 3 and I had my first conscious witchy awakening,” she told InStyle. “I was learning about the history of the women who were wrongfully accused of witchcraft and learning about what witchcraft even is.”

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Vanessa Hudgens… witch?

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Hudgens admitted that her affinity for the paranormal was something she “definitely didn’t talk about” with everyone, but she added that a makeup artist spotted her spiritual connection straight away. 

“I feel like the universe unravels itself in the most beautiful ways,” she explained. “At that time, the makeup artist I was working with comes from a long lineage of witches, and she had brought something up about being a witch and about me being a witch. It was like, ‘OK, so what does this mean?'”

Since then, Hudgens said she’s developed a “really beautiful, evolving relationship” with the metaphysical world and often uses a few gadgets and gizmos, including a spirit box, to speak with any ghosts that pop up nearby.

“I make sure to try to connect to spirits whenever I can,” she said. “I love ending up in a haunted place and seeing if I can feel anything or bringing my spirit box with me on the road in case I find an abandoned building. It’s just a constant thing I’ll always do.”

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Hudgens’ makeup artist isn’t the only one who thinks she has a strong spiritual sense. Her ex Austin Butler recently told the Los Angeles Times that Hudgens once had a “clairvoyant moment” in which she told him that he had to play Elvis on screen one day.

“I owe her a lot for believing in me,” he said.

Watch Hudgens and her pal GG Magree learn more about witchcraft, find their own inner goddesses, and try their hand at ghost-hunting in Dead Hot, which is streaming now on Tubi.

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