Utah’s WR’s are keeping their heads down and working hard

Utah’s WR’s are keeping their heads down and working hard

Arguably the most talked about player from fall camp, expectations for Utah wide receiver Money Parks were high heading into the 2022 season. While the receivers have been underutilized overall through the first two games of the year, Parks had a career day against SUU and is doing his best to make the most of his opportunities. 

Against the Thunderbirds, Parks was the leading wide receiver in terms of production. With three total receptions, Parks recorded career-high’s of 71 total yards and a 26 yard long reception.

“It was a fun game. It wasn’t that competitive. But I guess it was fun for the young guys, including myself to get a chance to have opportunities to play more,” Parks shared.

While opportunities have been few and far between for the receivers early on, Parks feels that they’ve been doing a great job making plays in whatever role they’ve been asked to fulfill. He also said that they’ve been trying to answer the challenge of getting open more.

“I feel like we’ve been doing the best we can,” Parks said. “We’re blocking and we’re making plays when we get an opportunity to make a play. So you can’t complain about it…I just say we compete and improve our game every day trying to get open.”

“We just strive every day to get better in the receiving room. We just take it day by day. Not looking ahead, not looking behind, just in the present moment,” He added.

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Now moving into week three against San Diego State, Parks shared that he and the rest of the receivers are simply keeping their heads down and working. While a lot has been said about their production, and Kyle Whittingham himself challenged them to get open more, Parks shared what the motto is for the receivers right now. 

“Keep our heads down and work…don’t complain…don’t be sad, don’t be too high or too low,” Parks said.

With just one game remaining before the Utes enter Pac-12 play, this week could be critical for the receivers to get more involved in the offense. While it’s still dependent on the coaches to call the right plays and Cameron Rising to look their direction, the receivers are doing everything they can in order to answer the call and contribute.

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