Twitter suffers another outage

Twitter suffers another outage

According to DownDetector, Twitter has fixed an issue that caused widespread outage Wednesday (Pacific time). Many users experienced strange behavior for more than five hours. The original story is here.

Twitter may not be loading correctly for you. Tens of thousands of Twitter users complain that they cannot access the Elon Musk-owned social media network. Instead, they receive strange error messages. Some users are being presented with a blank page, while others are being signed out of the service without explanation. Many users claimed that they couldn’t see their replies, reply to tweets, or follow trending topics.

Musk tweeted the following: The firm has made “significant backend server architecture modifications” which should make Twitter feel “faster.”

Twitter also displayed “rate-exceeding limitation” to some users Wednesday (Pacific Time), suggesting that its servers were unable to handle the incoming requests. On Twitter, the hashtag #TwitterDown has been trending.

The outage, which seems to have affected international users in the U.K, Canada, Germany and Italy, began at 4 p.m. Pacific Time. Third-party web monitoring tools, such as NetBlocks or DownDetector, confirmed that they had received reports from users. DownDetector stated that the majority of complaints indicate that Twitter is having issues on desktop.

Many are also unable access TweetDeck, a service for power users from Twitter. NetBlocks also stated that the “widespread incident” is not due to “country-level internet disruptions and filtering.”

Musk Twitter acquired for $44 Billion In late October. He has tried to reduce Twitter’s expenses by removing thousands of employees who were responsible for maintaining the service’s infrastructure. Musk also aims to make Twitter more user-friendly by removing bloat codes from the service.

Musk tweeted that the service was still operational even after he disconnected one of its more sensitive server racks. Twitter briefly launched earlier this month. Traffic blocked by about 30 mobile operatorsPlatformer reported that there were a number of people who used Twitter to spam, mostly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hello darkness, my old friend. Image Credits TechCrunch

After Twitter resolved the issue, the headline and story were updated.

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