Troy Aikman, ESPN Rules Analyst Disagree on Penalty During ‘MNF’

Troy Aikman, ESPN Rules Analyst Disagree on Penalty During ‘MNF’

During the Monday Night Football broadcast, Troy Aikman dissent with ESPN’s rules analyst during a fourth quarter call.

The play in question was when Washington wide receiver Jahan Dotson received a call for pass interference. He and his teammate Curtis Samuel ran their routes together and Dotson ran into Samuel’s defender. Josiah Scott, Eagles cornerback, was arrested and Samuel received a warm reception.

However Dotson was flagged in the sequence, which led to Aikman stating that he disagreed.

” I think Johan Dotson is here to just run his route,” Aikman stated. “I don’t think he’s trying to pick anyone off. He’s trying to run. He’s entitled to follow his route. “Clearly there’s contact.”

Rules analyst John Parry continued by saying, “And this’s obstruction.”

“But the guy has to avoid the guy rather that create contact by the defender,” Parry said.

Aikman quickly replied, “I disagree.” I don’t think he created it, I think he’s running a route.”

The Commanders handed the Eagles their first loss of the season with a 32-21 win.

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