Tony Romo Accurately Predicted the Chiefs-Bills Final Score in First Quarter

Tony Romo Accurately Predicted the Chiefs-Bills Final Score in First Quarter

The Bills improved to 5-1 in Week 6 after Josh Allen orchestrated a late-game touchdown drive to take down the Chiefs on the road, 24-20. The final score may have been lower than viewers expected given the high expectations for Sunday’s matchup. However, those who listened carefully to the commentary on CBS’s broadcast made it clear that Tony Romo, an analyst and former Cowboys quarterback, was correct in predicting the outcome.

Romo, or “Romostradamus” as he’s known in some online circles, added to his growing record of scarily accurate mid-game predictions during a chat with Jim Nantz with 5: 33 remaining in the first quarter.

“I think this isn’t going to be a high scoring game because these defenses will make you drive it,” Romo stated. “The clock’s going to run a lot because they’re going to be consistently checking it down, running the football, every once in a while, you get a big play, but this is going to be a 24-20 type of game, maybe 30 if somebody goes off.”

In case you didn’t notice, Romo offered his take before either the Chiefs or Bills scored any points after nearly 10 minutes of play. But, while the the 42-year-old may have been spot-on about the final score, the matchup certainly had plenty of players who logged gaudy numbers along the way.

Allen ended his day with 329 yards and three TDs, and 12 carries for 32 yards, while his favorite target Stefon Diggs hauled in 10 catches for 148 yards and a score. For Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes recorded 338 yards, two TDs and two INTs, and had two receivers top 100 yards; JuJu Smith-Schuster secured five catches for 113 yards and a TD for his best game as a Chief and tight end Travis Kelce added eight catches for 108 yards.

Buffalo won to exact revenge on Mahomes and Co. after last season’s heartbreaking AFC Championship defeat. The win also sent a message to the rest of conference. These titans will not have another chance to meet unless it is in the playoffs. Romo would likely be on-call ready to make another amazing prediction.

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