Tom Brady Reaches 100,000 Yards Passing in the NFL

Tom Brady Reaches 100,000 Yards Passing in the NFL

It feels counter-productive to recognize Tom Brady’s offensive excellence on a day when his Tampa Bay Buccaneers have struggled so much on that end. This is nothing new for Tom Brady or the Bucs this season.

Despite Brady’s struggles throughout 2022 — in what is his 23rd season in the NFL — it doesn’t make his career achievements any less impressive. It feels like Brady is achieving another milestone every week he takes to the field. Today was no exception. Brady not only achieved one, but two all time marks in the week 9 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.

The first occurred when Brady completed a pass for the 7,500th time in his NFL career. This is an incredible number and a testament to his consistency, accuracy, and career longevity.

Even though it should have been achieved much earlier in the game, with just over 9 minutes to play in the fourth quarter, Tom Brady completed a pass to Leonard Fournette to become the first player in the history of the NFL to throw for 1000,000 yards (regular season and playoffs combined).

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Yes, 100,000 yards. This number is mind-boggling when you consider the physicality and injury risks of the sport, as well as the short careers that have come to be associated with the league.

This kind of career achievement is unimaginable, especially on a day fans will struggle to comprehend the performances of Tom Brady, Byron Leftwich and all those responsible for the Buccaneers’ offensive woes.

The fans in Tampa are screaming for the coaching staff’s accountability for their team’s poor performance. If the Buccaneers are to turn things around, it will be with Tom Brady as their quarterback. His records speak for themselves.

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