Tom Brady Explains Why He Signed Ball For 49ers Player Who Picked Him Off

Tom Brady Explains Why He Signed Ball For 49ers Player Who Picked Him Off

Over the course of his 23 NFL seasons, Tom Brady has been admired by many. He is the consensus best quarterback to have ever played the game. Some cases, like the Tampa Bay game against San Francisco in Week 14, the legendary quarterback has attracted special attention from opposing players after games.

Sunday will be theBuccaneersQB had an interesting conversation with QB49ersDre Greenlaw, a linebacker, was shortly after San Francisco beat Tampa, 35-7 at home. The devastating loss was a sad return home by the Bay Area native, who had only played in one game there in his career. Brady was even asked toSign a ball for Greenlaw The veteran defender took him out of the game late in the match.

Some may find Brady’s gesture, although it is classy in its own right and fitting for the occasion, a little odd. The 45-year old explained that his gesture was appropriate given the circumstances. Latest episode of his Let’s Go! podcast Jim Gray’s request to accept his opponent’s offer was accepted by Brady, who graciously agreed to follow through, even though it hurt a little inside.

Gray said that it was s— for him, and was complete —,”. “But I try and be a gentleman. It was a great play. I’m glad he has the ball. Although I wish I hadn’t thrown it, I try to be a good sportsman. Because I’m not a great sport a lot of the time. I can be quite bad at sports. When I’m in the right mindset, I can be a good sport.

Greenlaw clearly knows a lot about timing and, as he demonstrated against Brady, it paid off in many ways. Greenlaw admitted that he was nervous about approaching Brady the GOAT after the game but that he eventually went over to Brady “like an old friend” when he had the chance.

“Man, the worst thing that he could tell you is no,” Greenlaw. “I was taught that if you don’t ask, you won’t know. He’s a great guy to be able sign that ball after he threw them picks. That’s huge so I appreciate him. He’s the best, he’s THE GOAT, so that was something I appreciated.”

Brady may be able to sign a few more autographs, even though it was difficult at the time. What could be his last season?. Let’s just pray that the next request is granted. Far away from the nearest tablet.

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