Time For Broncos to Take These Actions With Russell Wilson

Time For Broncos to Take These Actions With Russell Wilson

The winner of a nationally televised competition will be announced. Denver Broncos The proverbial white flag was waved without firing a shot at a depleted opponent Los Angeles Rams squad. The Broncos’ coaches and players looked like they had an eggnog hangover during this Christmas-Day game. They gave little effort and suffered a 51-14 defeat.

The situation could not have been worse for the Orange and Blue, as both defense and offense were ineffective against a more physical and prepared Rams team. The Broncos have a clear path to success.

The Broncos organization is experiencing powerful winds that will bring about significant and immediate changes. What can we learn from Denver’s 11th loss this season?

Let’s get into this week’s key takeaways.

Time for a Russell Wilson Recovery

The Broncos are last in the NFL for points scored. It was impossible, but Sunday’s game was the worst offensive performance of the season.

Wilson, who had just suffered a concussion from the head, played as if the injury was still there. The Bronco’s chances of winning were significantly affected by Wilson’s two interceptions in the first quarter.

Wilson’s offensive line leaks like an iron sieve. Wilson rarely had the chance to properly survey the field. His inability to see open receivers or hold onto the ball for too long makes the Broncos’ pass-game problems worse.

Wilson threw for 214 yard and one touchdown. He also had three interceptions. Head coach Nathaniel Hackett pardoned him by having Wilson pulled in the fourth quarter. Wilson’s terrible performance is an opportunity.

The Broncos now have more control over their $245 million investment. This is the perfect time for George Paton, the GM, to inform Wilson’s family, including his personal quarterback coach that they are welcome during the offseason but that he must be held to the same standards during the season.

Paton should also take Wilson’s office at Broncos Headquarters back. The space could be used more effectively by someone from the Broncos’ Scouting department.

The most obvious and emotional way to deal Wilson after a truly terrible loss is to trade him, but that’s not realistic. Broncos Country has to accept that Wilson’s contract is prohibitive to trade or free him for at most two years.

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Coaching matters

It is well-known that the NFL’s most successful teams are decided by their players. Sunday’s contest highlighted the gap in competence between the Broncos and Rams’ respective coaching teams.

Sean McVay, the Rams’ head coach and offensive guru, decimated the Broncos’ defense. The mastermind started the contest by attacking Broncos’ weakness, their rushing defense.

McVay responded with play-action throughout, even after Ejiro Evero, the Broncos’ defensive coordinator, adjusted. The Broncos defense was beaten by the Rams, and Baker Mayfield, L.A.’s newly acquired quarterback, looked like Joe Montana.

Mayfield was 24-of-28 for 220 yards and two touchdowns. Evero was defeated by his former boss, a Rams assistant. The student was not ready to accept the teacher.

Bottom Line

It’s time for Walton/Penner to make a change in head coach. This kind of decision is not easy.

Hackett has shown incremental improvement in the last few games. Hackett is clearly light years behind other coaches, such as McVay and Andy Reid in Kansas City.

Monday would be the perfect opportunity to announce that the search for a new head coach has begun, despite the persistent stench of humiliation.

It’s the first step towards giving Broncos Country the team it deserves.

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