Timberwolves Pres. Gives Statement on Anthony Edwards’ Homophobic Comments

Timberwolves Pres. Gives Statement on Anthony Edwards’ Homophobic Comments

Timberwolves president Tim Connelly voiced his displeasure Monday over anti-LGBTQ comments made by star Anthony Edwards on social media over the weekend.

Edwards, 21, drew backlash regarding homophobic remarks he shared in a now-deleted video from his Instagram story that later went viral on Twitter. Edwards is not seen in the NSFW clip but can be heard calling a group of people standing outside “queer” while the camera zooms in on the individuals from the inside of a car. He can also be heard saying, “Look what the world done came to, bruh” before the video ends.

In a statement obtained by ESPN’s Malika Andrews, Connelly expressed the organization’s disappointment in the third-year guard while offering an apology to all those who were offended by Edwards’s comments. The Timberwolves are among a number of NBA teams who host an annual “Pride Night” during the regular season, with the first official event taking place in the 2017–18 season.

“We are disappointed in the language and actions Anthony Edwards displayed on social media,” Connelly said. “The Timberwolves are committed to being an inclusive and welcoming organization for all and apologize for the offense this has caused to so many.’”

Edwards, who was drafted with the first pick in 2020, addressed the situation on Sunday in a tweet expressing his remorse for his comments.

“What I said was immature, hurtful, and disrespectful, and I’m incredibly sorry,” Edwards wrote. “It’s unacceptable for me or anyone to use that language in such a hurtful way, there’s no excuse for it, at all. I was raised better than that!”

While the NBA has yet to issue a statement on the matter, it’s possible Edwards could be subjected to league discipline for his remarks. The NBA has previously fined Kevin Durant and Nikola Jokic for homophobic comments the players made in 2021 and ’18, respectively.

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