Tim Allen finally falls off a roof in new ‘The Santa Clauses’ trailer

Tim Allen finally falls off a roof in new ‘The Santa Clauses’ trailer

Is it possible to go back to normal life after living at the North Pole for years? Scott Calvin is determined to find out.

Christian Holub

Ever since Tim Allen‘s Scott Calvin witnessed Father Christmas fall off a roof in the original The Santa Clause, he’s been terrified of the same thing happening to him. Well, it finally happens in the latest trailer for the upcoming Disney series The Santa Clauses.

The opening scenes of the trailer show Allen’s Santa being greeted with fear by the people he’s trying to bring Christmas joy, complaining about how adults have lost their holiday spirit, and then sliding off the roof of a snow-covered house. That all compels him to retire from the position of Santa Claus and move back to the human world with his children.

They’re excited! Buddy (Austin Kane) is making a list of things to do in the real world, like “meet a crossing guard.” His sister Sandra is played by Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Allen’s real-life daughter. But the North Pole is hard to leave behind. Scott’s coffee order — “cocoa instead of coffee, put in some peppermint if you have it, chop up some cookies, and sprinkles” — is more appropriate for the elves’ workshop than Starbucks.

And wouldn’t you know it, things don’t go as planned. As the holiday approaches, elves start vanishing from existence. Apparently Scott’s replacement as Santa isn’t up to the challenge (this trailer doesn’t reveal his identity, although a previous teaser showed Peyton Manning was a candidate) and Scott has to return to save Christmas. Thankfully, he’ll have help — the final moments of the new trailer reveal David Krumholtz’s return as the elf Bernard.

Watch the new trailer above, and check out a poster below. The first two episodes of The Santa Clauses premiere Nov. 16 on Disney .

Promotional poster for ‘The Santa Clauses’

Promotional poster for ‘The Santa Clauses’

| Credit: Disney

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