The year customer experience died

The year customer experience died

This was rough Year for customer experience

We’ve been Hearing for many years It is important to customers that businesses have a positive experience. This is why a whole technology category has been created around it, with companies such as Adobe and Salesforce at the forefront. But, the economy or a lack of employees (or both?)? 2022 was a year with poor customer service that resulted in poor experiences.

Your customer service team, regardless of how great your product is, will be the one judging you. You can quickly lose customers and build a bad reputation if you fail to meet their needs. Social media channels can quickly spread news. This is not the type of conversation you want about your brand.

Although we are constantly asked for feedback on how the business performed, this thirst for information does not seem to connect to improving the experience.

Make no mistake: Customer experience is inextricably tied to customer service. We are constantly updating our website. Being asked for feedback Although there is a lot of information about the business, the desire to improve the experience doesn’t seem to be reciprocated.

Consider the poor people who purchased Southwest Airlines tickets this week. One video was shown Several airline employees had spied on their passengers to get the police. Take that into consideration The airline admittedly made mistakes. One representative of the airline called the police on passengers because they were at the gate. This is a great example of how to abuse your customers and destroy your brand reputation.

We’ve heard for too long about data being able to drive better experiences. But is that data ever accessible to those who deal with customers? They don’t require data; they need guidance and help. Companies cut back on customer service to the disadvantage of their customers and ultimately, to the detriment to the brand’s reputation.

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