The Weeknd teases new music for ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ soundtrack

The Weeknd teases new music for ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ soundtrack

The Grammy winner’s contribution will play during closing credits.

The Weeknd will soon be an honorary Na’vi.

It appears the Grammy winner, real name Abel Tesfaye, has penned new music for the Avatar: The Way of Water soundtrack. He teased a snippet of it on social media Sunday that featured the film’s logo, as well as a caption with the Dec. 16 theatrical release date.

The film’s official social media accounts reshared the post and, most notably, Jon Landau, who produced the original 2009 sci-fi epic and the forthcoming sequel, welcomed the musician to the Avatar family. A Disney rep told EW that

The Weeknd’s contribution would play during the film’s ending credits. The first of four sequels by filmmaker James Cameron The Way of Water will abandon Pandora’s rainforest setting in favor of the ocean. Original stars Sam Worthington , and Zoe Saldana , will reprise their roles of Jake Scully (and Neytiri) who have built a life for themselves as friends and parents to their children. The RDA (Resources Development Administration), a militarized organization that went into war with Pandora in the first movie, is still a threat many years later. Stephen Lang is also set to return as Col. Quaritch — this time in a Na’vi body.

Cameron views the sequels as “one big contiguous saga when you see it all, but each film has its own off-ramp and finale that rounds it all out,” he told EW last month. “Really good episodic television is the best metaphor. The Way of Water has one goal: to get you on the side of characters so that you care about what happens next. Now 15 years older, Cameron also teased that Jake and Neytiri have a different view on life.

“What we saw in that first film was people who were fearless,” Cameron stated. “Jake would leap off his ikran onto the leonopteryx. But is a father of four going that far? I think probably not. They have a duty of survival. He’s not a coward. But it does mean that his priorities have changed. He is trying to keep his children alive and to adjust his life. ”

Avatar: The Way of Water arrives in theaters Dec. 16. You can watch the trailer above.

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