‘The Rookie’ and ‘The Rookie: Feds’ stars Nathan Fillion and Niecy Nash interrogate each other

‘The Rookie’ and ‘The Rookie: Feds’ stars Nathan Fillion and Niecy Nash interrogate each other

Where will you be on the night of Sunday, September 25, 2022 at 10 p.m.?

Hopefully, you’ll be at home on your couch watching the season 5 premiere of The Rookie on ABC and anticipating the Sept. 27 premiere of new spin-off The Rookie: Feds. We want to know more about these two series as we get ready for them to air on our TVs. We had questions for the stars NathanFillion , and Niecy Nah .. Or, they had questions for each other.

Fillion returns for season 5 The rookie as LAPD Officer John Nolan. He started his career as the oldest rookie and is now moving up to pursue his dream of becoming an officer in training (making him a rookie all again).

Nash is the face of the first spinoff, The Feds, reprising the role of Simone Clark which she was first introduced as a backdoor pilot in the fourth season. Simone, like John, is an older rookie who brings her own style to the FBI.

We brought Fillion and Nash together at the interrogation area of The rookie: Feds to mug(shot), discuss their shows, tease the potential crossovers there, and debate who is most likely get arrested.

But first, please get Nash a spotlight in Fillion’s eyes!


Niecy Nash; Nathan Fillion

| Credit: ABC/Raymond Liu (2)

NIECY NASH: After you’ve done the show for so long, and then they say, “Hey Nathan, we want to do a spin-off of it. What was your first thought? What was your first thought when you discovered it was you?

NATHAN FILLION: First they say spin-off and you go, “Oh my God, that’s such a great idea. If we want to spin-off, then we must be doing well. That’s the up. Then, there’s the down. You go, “Wait a minute. Is that a sign they’re going take one of our characters with them? They are going to disband this small group of ours. They’re going to disown someone and spin them off into another show. Who do we lose?” Then I began to look around at people like who would I lose? I didn’t do that. Then I realized that we won’t lose anyone. We will introduce a new character. Then we’ll spin them off into their own series. I thought, “That sounds like a great idea.” Then, I realized it was you. I’ve met you before and know what you look like so you know how you feel about it.

NASH: The people don’t know. Tell people what you think.

FILLION: I really enjoy Niecy. Niecy is a great friend. Niecy is very hardworking and I enjoy working with him.

NASH: Will I have to give you the 20 bucks now, or later?


FILLION: Simone is unpredictable at best. But what can we predict? What can we expect of her?

NASH: We can always count on Simone to dance by the beat of her own drum. We can always rely on Simone to trust her instincts and to always put her faith in herself.

FILLION: Is this going to be problematic in the FBI?

NASH: There’s two ways of doing things. There are two ways to do things. One is the FBI way, and the other is the Simone Clark method. They’re not the exact same. The end result is the same. She is a textbook example of “There are many ways to skin a cat.” “

NASH: John Nolan gets to become a training agent this season. Talk to me about your feelings about this. What is it going to look like?

FILLION: Yes, John is going to be a training officer. His career began with training officers. It’s the next step in his career. He wants to give back and he is interested in becoming a training officer. He also sees the need for some changes in his department and wants to be part of those changes. He believes that this is the best place to do it. The third and most important reason is the number of people who approach me and ask, “Hey Nolan, how long do you think Nolan will be a rookie?” They are concerned about whether he is a rookie. You automatically become a rookie when you move up in your career or do a new thing. It’s more a metaphor, I suppose.

NASH: Sure. It’s the beginning a new chapter of his life.

FILLION: He’s a rookie training officer. It works for me.

NASH: Back at the bottom. The beginning, not the bottom. A new beginning.

FILLION: I thought you said “back on the bottle…”

NASH: I did not say that, but can we get a cocktail?

fall tv preview exclusive THE ROOKIE https://app.frame.io/reviews/fd58487c-6f1d-4617-a106-bf6985dd49e2/7ea2256a-7db0-4e76-99a0-35d9cff23d64

Niecy Nash and Nathan Fillion

FILLION: In the beginning, John had to prove himself to those who are, let’s say, skeptical of his age. Will Simone face similar problems in Rookie? Feds

NASH: The short answer to that question is, I don’t know. I don’t really know. I do know that she was on her personal beat-the clock journey. You see what I mean? To graduate Quantico and live the life I dreamed, I had to do this by a certain age. It hasn’t been addressed yet. But I know she wouldn’t be afraid.

FILLION: I don’t think Simone Clark has fears.

NASH: Not very many.

FILLION: Maybe still trepidatious with her dad.

NASH: That’s probably the space in her life where she is the most cautious and the most tender, and the most I’m not sure how this is going to work out.

FILLION: The least amount of control?

NASH: Yeah, that’s a perfect way to say it. This is the only place she has any control. It’s not that she has no control over the department she works in. She just has the help. She has a wonderful team of people around. She has her training agent. It’s another thing to unravel when it comes to her father and her mother.

NASH: Is it smooth sailing ahead for John and Bailey [Jenna Dewan] or will Simone be able to crash the party? I am asking because curious minds want to know.

FILLION: I want to know, is this an Entertainment Weekly question or is this a Niecy Nash question?

NASH: It doesn’t matter. Do you know the answer?

FILLION: Things are going really well for John and Bailey right now. Everything is going well. This is the one area of his life that doesn’t experience a lot of turbulence. As we all know, if there is no drama, there is no story. Something has to happen.

NASH: Okay. Well, I wouldn’t think that Simone Clark is a home wrecker, but if somebody on your show broke up and was not in their situation anymore, I’m sure she would be —

FILLION: Simone would be there to pick up the pieces.

NASH: — like, “Oh, hello. “

FILLION: Come cry on your shoulder.

NASH: The funny thing about Simone is that even though John Nolan is in his own relationship, in her mind, “Oh, he wants me. “

FILLION: Well, I have a question here that says Simone thinks everyone she meets is into her. I think Simone sense everyone that she meets is into him. How will this play out for The rookie: Feds this year?

NASH: Well, Simone is a lover.

FILLION: It’s got to be a tough life to appeal to so many people.

NASH: That’s where Simone and I intersect. It must be done. How will it all play out? Because she is a lover, and a flirt, you’ll see her in many places. My guess is that someone will win. Although I don’t believe it, I feel she leads in love in all areas. But, one day she will meet a match.

FILLION: Someone is going to throw her for a loop.

NASH: Yeah, because right now, all of her lovers are manageable. She is a lover of equal opportunity.

FILLION: But suddenly the ground underneath her is?

NASH: I don’t know. I just feel it.

FILLION: Okay. That’s what I like. Because Simone should be able to take control in situations that are not hers. I want her to take a step back and ask, “What do you do here?” “

THE ROOKIE – “Double Down” – Officer John Nolan’s is once again face-to-face with serial killer Rosalind, and she wants him to know she’s not done with him yet. Meanwhile, officers Bradford and Chen work undercover with Detective Lopez and the Las Vegas Police Department to arrest leaders of a major criminal enterprise on the season premiere episode of “The Rookie,” SUNDAY, SEPT. 25 (10: 00-11: 00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Raymond Liu) ERIC WINTER, MELISSA O’NEIL

Eric Winter and Melissa O’Neil on ‘The Rookie’

| Credit: Raymond Liu/ABC

NASH: How hard is it for both John and you, Nathan, shipping Chenford?

FILLION: Oh my gosh. Okay. I don’t get so down about popcorn eating for my own show that I start to wonder, “Oh my god, what’s going on?” This is not something I do all the time. But I have to say that the Tim [Eric Winter] & Lucy [Melissa O’Neil] Chenford relationship is one of those situations where even if they were there, you’re not going to get the story that cameras can tell when they get really tight. There is so much going on there, not to mention the edit and the music. It can get a little steamy at points. You think, “How are they going explain this to everyone?” You start getting riled up. You do. That is what I love. John doesn’t seem to care. He doesn’t seem to be aware of what’s happening on the side. These two have been very sneaky. They may be noticing things in their surroundings, but John is still clueless.

NASH: With the crossover episodes, it seems as though everyone who has come over to our set is really excited about it, being able to play in both of these worlds. What do you think of it? Maybe you’re just being polite when you visit our house.

FILLION: It’s kind of like a field trip. It’s almost like a field trip. “

NASH: Let me tell you something. If we want to understand it, there is a lot of jealousy.

FILLION: Really?

NASH: Listen, because once one person went from our cast, everybody started to be like, “Well, are you going? They didn’t even ask me if they wanted to go. “

FILLION: That was Richard [T. Jones], wasn’t it?

NASH: Yeah, it was Richard. It was Richard. Then, it was me. To be honest with you, I was like everyone wants to play on The rookie. I want it. But I had my chance.

FILLION: You did. You started on The Rookie.

NASH: I wasn’t a big deal yet when I was over there the last time.

FILLION: It’s pretty special over here though. Your sets are amazing. When I heard on the Rookie, “Oh, we don’t have the money for that,” I thought, “Well, where did it all go?” We now know.

NASH: We have to do a crossover episode where maybe you get to come on our private jet.

FILLION: You guys are going to be on the jet, you’re going to be going over some papers and talking about stuff, and then out the window, I’m going to be… [Fillion waves].

FILLION: Who is Simone’s best advocate and greatest challenge?

NASH: Her best advocate is probably Brendon [Kevin Zegers] because they went to the Academy together. They encourage one another, support each other, and are always there for one another. My training agent, Carter Hope (played by James Lesure), is yelling at me and wanting Simone to become a proper agent.

FILLION: He’s trying to fit her into a mold. She doesn’t like that. It’s not her style.

NASH: No. They are starting to accept the idea that this girl will be her own thing. But I’ll tell you something most people who have not seen the series would not guess. When you watch our show, the character who is the most tight, who is the most by the book, who colors within the lines, that’s Laura Stenson played by Britt Robertson, but she is the exact opposite off set. She is our wild card. She is our wild baby. It’s like Britt, where’s everyone? We will follow you to the party when you are not on camera. True story.

NASH: Oh, I wanted to ask you about whether or not you guys will have any of your favorite guest actors come back this season?

FILLION: Yes. We have someone coming right off the top. I don’t think it’s permissible to say that we have a few really bad people who we’ve dealt in the past and will come back to us again. This is something I love because it gives reality to the universe. A spin-off is another thing I believe it does. It expands and broadens the universe. It just adds authenticity to the idea that the show is a place where everything is happening. That feeling of realism is what I get. When you bring back characters, I get the feeling that they live in that world. They are there. You can visit them there if you wish. “

NASH: Well, we don’t have anybody to bring back because we just getting up and going. You’re a crossover. But I am so excited for some of the guest stars that we have. I can’t even say the who, what, or when. But I’m so excited.

FILLION: I have a question for you.

NASH: I want answers! [Slams hands on table]

FILLON: That was so… interrogating.

NASH: I know. I did well, right?

THE ROOKIE – “Double Down” – Officer John Nolan’s is once again face-to-face with serial killer Rosalind, and she wants him to know she’s not done with him yet. Meanwhile, officers Bradford and Chen work undercover with Detective Lopez and the Las Vegas Police Department to arrest leaders of a major criminal enterprise on the season premiere episode of “The Rookie,” SUNDAY, SEPT. 25 (10: 00-11: 00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Raymond Liu) NATHAN FILLION

Nathan Fillion on ‘The Rookie’

| Credit: Raymond Liu/ABC

FILLION: Sometimes we are called upon to do a little stunt stuff, a little action. What was the most difficult stunt that you have ever had to perform?

NASH: To be honest with you, nothing is more difficult than filming in whatever fresh hell this heat provided when we started filming.

FILLION: It’s hot.

NASH: That felt like a stunt. Is it possible to just pretend to be cool while we stand in this heat for so long?

FILLION: It’s hard to pretend you’re not sweating.

NASH: It’s hard. Yeah. My hardest stunt was running in my wedding dress. And I was like, “Why did they think this was going be a good idea?” That was the stunt. Open the door, get your gun drawn, chase down the bad guys, then shoot a helicopter. You can even do it in a wedding gown. And not a wedding dress and sneakers, a wedding dress —

FILLION: And heels.

NASH: — with real wedding heels.

FILLION: Because that’s how they fit you to it. The dress would be too low if you were wearing sneakers.

NASH: There you go. Do you also work in costumes?

FILLION: I do a little sewing on the side.

NASH: Well, what was your hardest stunt?

FILLION: Listen, when they say, “All we got to do is run this little distance.” But then you have to do it like 14 times because that’s how many angles and takes and all that kind of stuff you have to do. Sometimes my right knee gets a little bit [messed up] and that’s it.

NASH: But you don’t run cute. I’ve seen you run before.

FILLION: Yeah, I run like I’m on fire. I don’t like running. I am built for comfort and not speed.

NASH: You’re a man after my own heart.

FILLION: I’ll say the most difficult thing I have to do lately is speed in a car around a corner, whip down this street, and then land right here, so that your face is right here. It’s hard to hit a mark with a car.

NASH: I want to know who’s better at solving crime — John Nolan or Rick Castle?

FILLION: Good question. Rick Castle has some really bizarre and terrible theories. Although his theories are often so far-fetched, he always gets the man. John Nolan is a master of crime and murder. John, I’m going just by number. However, I think Rick Castle has probably solved more murders than John.

NASH: And who’s cuter?

FILLION: Simone Clark.

FILLION: As far as wild cards go, as far as people you would want to spend your time with, would you pick Simone Clark or Desna from Claws? These are two powerful personalities.

NASH: It’s hard. Simone would be my choice. Even though Desna is my favorite, I know that whatever she brings, my nails will look amazing. Simone would be my choice because she is more settled and she is on the right side. Desna is a bad boy, but if something happened, I would feel a lot more secure. You get what I’m referring to. But, if I’m playing along with her, anything can happen.

FILLION: Someone is getting arrested.

NASH: And it might be me.

FILLION: I can see that. Simone would be my choice, but Simone and I go back a long way, so I can see why Simone would be my choice.

THE ROOKIE – “Double Down” – Officer John Nolan’s is once again face-to-face with serial killer Rosalind, and she wants him to know she’s not done with him yet. Meanwhile, officers Bradford and Chen work undercover with Detective Lopez and the Las Vegas Police Department to arrest leaders of a major criminal enterprise on the season premiere episode of “The Rookie,” SUNDAY, SEPT. 25 (10: 00-11: 00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Raymond Liu) K B HOLLAND, ERIC WINTER

KB Holland and Eric Winter on ‘The Rookie’

| Credit: Raymond Liu/ABC

NASH: Okay, this is going to be a rapid-fire round. Grab your hats. Get ready. Don’t think too much about it. The first thing that comes to your mind is the best. Here you go. Here’s a wild and crazy version of a crossover between these shows that you would love, but it would be impossible.

FILLION: Both casts wind up on Family Feud, and we have to compete against each other.

NASH: I thought you were going to say at a strip club, but I like your idea.

FILLION: Who is the most focused and intense on your set?

NASH: James Lesure. He is very focused. He’s the one who will click off if we’re sat around together. I don’t know what his click-off behavior is, but I think he’s focused somewhere.

NASH: Both of our shows are dramas with moments of levity. Which of your sets breaks the most?

FILLION: Richard! Richard T. Jones. But you know what? Here’s the truth. This is also true for Richard in real life. He’s a great laugher.

NASH: I was just getting ready to say, but he is also one who is never going to be cheated on the laugh. You will hear him laughing if you hear it.

FILLION: Who do you ship your character with the most? What would you most like to see your character with in a romantic relationship?

NASH: None of them. I don’t want my lovers to be away from the work. I don’t want things to be complicated. At some point, it might create a lovely, delicious drama. At the beginning, I cannot think of anyone… but they all think that way.

FILLION: Of course they do. They all have diaries that have your name written in hearts and other things.

NASH: Somebody’s got to do it.

NASH: Have you ever improvised a line that made it in? Can you name it?

FILLION: Yes. I will often say something at the end of a scene to entertain anyone in the scene. Sometimes it ends up on the show. One scene that I am thinking about right now is the one where I walked off camera saying, “I saw your eyes roll at me.” It was done by someone. It made it to the show.

NASH: I love that.


Niecy Nash on ‘The Rookie: Feds’

| Credit: ABC/Raymond Liu

FILLION: What’s your favorite episode so far? You can say any episode with me on The Rookie.

NASH: Those are actually my least favorite. My least favorite is actually the Thanksgiving episode.


NASH: Because some family is family you’re born into, and some family is family you choose. That’s what I love to see.

NASH: What is your least favorite episode so far?

FILLION: Oh my gosh. Okay. It wasn’t a bad episode. It was a great episode. However, there was one episode in which I was being pursued by a serial killer. We did it in a flour mill. It took four days of running, jumping, and rolling in flour and dirt. We just used it as it was. There was a lot flour around it. It got into every crack and crevice, and even in places you don’t think flour should go. Now you have a paste and then it becomes a cast. You will need to take your cast to the doctor.

FILLION: If you can cross over to any third show of your choosing, what would it be?

NASH: Simone Clark would go on a trip to Miami and end up with the ladies from Issa Rae’s Rap Shit. One person on the show is guilty of a crime. Perhaps there are federal matters going on and I’m like “Girl.” I know the whole story. She believes that because we look alike, I will help her out and give her a break.

FILLION: But that’s not true.

NASH: I’m like, “Girl, please. These bracelets are for you. We are going to take you to jail. “

FILLION: I would say for me, House of the Dragon. John Nolan looks around the castle and says, “I don’t think I should have been here.” “

FILLION: Of the former roles you played, who would be the most likely to be arrested by Simone or John?

NASH: Well, an obvious answer might be Desna, who I played in Claws, but the chances are equally as high that it could be Raineesha from Reno 911!.

FILLION: Why? She is a police officer. Is she a dirty cop or just a bad one? Or is she just a bad cop?

NASH: Just a bad one.

FILLION: Who is your dream guest star?

NASH: I would have to say Oprah.

FILLION: Do you have a role in mind for her? Is she playing her own role?

NASH: No, she would definitely be a character. She should be a criminal, however. She plays many safe characters, martyrs, and other things. I want her to see the dark side. Oprah, come over to the dark side!

FILLION: My dream is to pull people from every job I’ve ever done and have them guest on The Rookie — that meta stuff really excites me. I’ve had a couple of people on here from Firefly. I’ve had a few people on here from Castle. I’d like to go back to the beginning, One Life to Live ..

NASH: In that case, if I did that, if I went back to my other shows, I definitely would want Cedric the Entertainer to come. I was his wife. I would definitely want Jim Dangle, who has the little shorts on Reno 911! more to come.

FILLION: One of my earliest projects was Saving Private Ryan. I did a very small scene with Tom Hanks. I would love to call him up and say “Hey, man.” I was able to do a scene with your. When will you be able to do one with me? “

NASH: He’s probably not doing nothing. He’s probably just sitting around.

FILLION: He’s between Oscars right now.

NASH: He’d probably be glad to have the phone ring, “Tommy, there’s somebody looking for you. “

FILLION: Remember me?

NASH: He probably doesn’t, so don’t lead with that.

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