The rise of platform engineering, an opportunity for startups

The rise of platform engineering, an opportunity for startups

The promise of increasing developer efficiency and not headcount

More than half Stack Overflow’s 2022 survey found that a majority of professional developers have DevOps, CI/CD and automated testing tools and resources available at their company. Uncovered.

Stack Overflow found that only 38% of the 34.906 respondents had a portal to help them find tools and services. Data observability tools are also only available to a small number of developers.

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These results show that the best practices at startups and tech companies have gained ground more widely, but that there is still much to be done to improve the efficiency of developers’ work environments.

“It’s crazy that having CI/CD tooling, a DevOps function, and Automated Testing in place are the only categories above 50%.” Boldstart Ventures Partner Shomik Ghosh TechCrunch. “That means [that] For what is considered table stakes in most startups and tech companies more than half the developers (presumably from other industries) don’t have these core building block in place.

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