The Philadelphia Phillies Finally Found Success With a First-Round MLB Draft Pick

The Philadelphia Phillies Finally Found Success With a First-Round MLB Draft Pick

Top prospects don’t always materialize.

Cornelius Randolph (2015) and Mickey Moniak (’16), were back-to–back-to–back busts during the first round.

Cole Hamels in 2002 clearly worked out, as he was a World Series Most Valuable player six years later.

Greg Golson (’04), Joe Savery, and Jesse Biddle have all been forgotten.

The draft is not a precise science.

In ’19, Philadelphia Phillies Bryson Stott, UNLV’s No. 19th overall pick. He seemed like a winner right from the beginning, and that has been proven true.

Young players must have patience. This was evident last season when Stott went 6-for-66. Stott became a reliable, everyday player thanks to the Phillies’ patience.

Stott was a steady presence at shortstop during the postseason’s deep run. He had some clutch hits, and was a consistent presence. He hardly looked like a young player.

Although Stott is not a complete player yet, this draft pick seems like a winner.

There is no reason to believe Stott will stop improving.

Stott was so quick that the Phillies were able to assign Didi Gregorius as an assignment in August. Stott will likely move to second base, with Trea Turner taking over as the starting shortstop.

Stott ended the regular season with a respectable average of.234 along with 10 home runs, and 49 RBI. Stott was unfazed in the playoffs.

The moment was not too large.

Anyone who was there could see it.

Take a look back at Stott’s nine-pitch game against Spencer Strider in Game 3 against the Atlanta Braves. Stott was not afraid to speak his mind and didn’t back down.

It was his greatest double of life.

Stott said about Strider after Game 3. “He threw me some sliders last time so that I was familiar with the shape of the ball. I was able get to it when he dropped it.”

Stott gets it.

Although there is still much to be done before Stott can make a definitive decision about his career, it seems like All-Star Games are in Stott’s future.

This draft pick looks like it will win.

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