The Old West Experience at 320 Guest Ranch

The Old West Experience at 320 Guest Ranch
320 guest ranch
Photo By – Bree Hokona

Located between Big Sky and Yellowstone National Park, 320 Guest Ranch honors its rich history and celebrates Montana’s pioneer spirit through lodging, food, and activities.

We believe in connecting people with this beautiful, historic place. We believe in pioneering spirit. This means that we provide log cabin accommodations, made from scratch, innovative food at McGill’s Restaurant & Saloon, as well as activities such horseback riding, fly fishing workshops, children’s activities, sleigh rides and many other activities.

scenic river photo of 320 guest ranch
Teepee in the misty morning

We are challenging social norms to forge our own path, embracing tradition and embracing the pioneer spirit. We are proud of the history and nature around us, and welcome our guests with hospitality.

The ranch offers different opportunities for each season, transitioning between winter and summer.

Experience winter living in a snow globe. You will be surrounded by beautiful snow views, evergreen tress covered in snow, and warm fires in the fireplaces of your cabins. While riding along the river in an open sleigh, you can learn about the ranch’s history. You can also see the Milky Way if you choose to take the later sleigh ride. You will be taken to a warm hut where you can have hot beverages and campfires before returning to the Ranch center.

sleigh ride photo by bree hokona
Photo By – Bree Hokona

McGill’s restaurant is open to the public as well as ranch guests for dinner. The restaurant is situated in the old homestead building from the early 1900’s. We use local fish, game and vegetables as well as mushrooms to create innovative dishes and drinks that are a tribute to the region.

McGill’s offers all the Ranch culinary experiences, including a Chuckwagon BBQ and Porch-side Picnic. Sleigh Ride bites are also available at the warming tent.

During the Summer season, the 320 Guest Ranch comes to life with horseback trail rides through the national forest, wagon rides around Ranch to a BBQ dinner, “Wanna be a Wrangler” kids program, and fly fishing casting lessons on our trout pond. Ranch has something for everyone.

Make the 320 Guest Ranch your home away from home and return from your vacation feeling rested and rejuvenated-and cherishing some life-long memories of visiting the old west and experiencing something you can’t find on the coastlines.

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