The Kid Laroi fights and makes up with a doll in ‘Love Again’ music video

The Kid Laroi fights and makes up with a doll in ‘Love Again’ music video


By Lauren Huff January 27, 2023 at 07:57 PM EST

Life-sized dolls are really having a moment in pop culture, and Aussie rapper The Kid Laroi is just the latest to hop on the uncanny-valley trend.

In his wild new music video for his song “Love Again,” the singer canoodles, caresses, fights with, and later makes up with a life-sized doll. Check it out for yourself below.

In a fun meta twist, the doll has a social media presence of her own. On Instagram, under the handle LondonD0ll, she posted pics of the two of them getting cozy. On TikTok, which the doll is more active on, she describes herself as a “20 y/o LA Influencer” and shares related videos in that vein.

YouTube video

“Love Again,” which follows an on-again, off-again relationship, is the lead single off Laroi’s first full-length studio album, The First Time, which is slated for release in 2023. He released intro song “I Can’t Go Back to the Way It Was” last week. The release of both is being paired with a Fortnite experience on Friday night.

The 19-year-old first rose to prominence with his F— Love EP in 2021, which peaked at No. 1 one on both the Australian ARIA Charts and the US Billboard 200. Following the release of the video for that era’s “Still Chose You,” the rapper revealed he would be taking some time off before focusing on his next move. “Last week I went on a small vacation for the first time in a while,” he wrote in a note to fans at the time. “During that time I started thinking, and I made the decision that I need to take some time away from everything and focus on the next project; my debut album. I’m going to miss you all beyond words can describe, but I do believe that this is what I need to do to give you all the best music possible.”

The First Time, then, marks the official return for Laroi, whose real name is Charlton Howard. An official release date for the record has not been announced yet.

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