The era of constant innovation at Amazon could be over

The era of constant innovation at Amazon could be over

There was a time when AWS re:Invent, the yearly customer extravaganza put on by Amazon’s cloud arm, was chock full of announcements. It was difficult to keep up with all the new innovations coming out of the company.

But this year was different. If last year was incremental, this year was downright slow when it came to meaningful news.

To give you a sense of our coverage here at TechCrunch, last year, we wrote 28 stories about the event. This year, it’s down to 18, including this one. We didn’t want to write less, but we found less news to write about.

The day two AI/machine learning keynote was all about incremental improvements to existing products. There were so few meaningful announcements that my colleague Frederic Lardinois wrote a post in pictures mocking the lack of news.

The company is now at a point where the ecosystem has grown to such an extent and there are so many products that it has decided to make it easier to work between these products (or with other partner products) rather than creating new stuff.

This means that there is less news to write about. Eight new SageMaker capabilities or five new database and analytics capabilities, which I’m sure are important to the folks who needed those features, feel like piling on to an already feature-rich set of products.

It’s similar to Microsoft Word over time: It’s an excellent word processor. The only way to improve it was to lobby for new features to make it more relevant to a wider audience.

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