The Aeo robot is designed to patrol and disinfect hospitals

The Aeo robot is designed to patrol and disinfect hospitals

Who doesn’t like a good CES Success story? It was the 2018 show that Aeolus Robotics really hit it off. The event attracted a lot of interest from people looking for a solution for helping around schools, nursing homes, and hospitals. The company was happy to assist.

Japan was particularly interested in the product. After all, elder care robots have been a booming business in Japan for some time due to its aging population.

Aeo can navigate autonomously using a variety of cameras and IR sensors at its base. It can move around in a space and use its right arm to open doors or ride elevators. The UV light on its left disinfects surfaces, which was a huge hit during the pandemic. It can also be used to deliver food, patrolling, and security. Although remote control is possible, the robot can only be controlled remotely in certain situations.

Aeolus claims that the robot is made mainly of proprietary components, including its arm. Although it is common knowledge that building a robot arm from scratch is foolish, there were some tasks that needed to be done.

The robot is currently available via a subscription model called RaaS (robotics-as-a-service). The robot is currently only available in Japan, but the company is actively seeking new customers in other markets. Maybe CES 2022 will be the right time.

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