The 11 show cancellations that hurt the most in 2022

The 11 show cancellations that hurt the most in 2022

From The Wilds To MinxHere are the cancellations that we haven’t been able to get over.

By EW Staff December 14, 2022 at 10:00 AM EST

Nicole Kidman is not there, and heartbreak is what she does. Not It’s easy to feel at home in a place like that. There is one word that every television avoids: “canceled.” But every year there are many gems that fail to do that. We look back at 2022 and have compiled a list of cancellations that sent us to the corner shop for a box, some tissues, and some cheap wine. (We’re sorry, okay?

2022: The most painful cancellations

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The Wilds (Amazon Prime Video)

Is Amazon Prime Video causing fandom to suffer the same way as it did?The WildsWhat does ‘fandom suffer? First, it took two years to complete the gap between seasons. The second season of the YA survival drama, about a group teen girls stranded in a tropical island by a potentially insane feminist scientist — didn’t premiere until May 2022.August 2021! Then, two months laterThe WildsThe show ended with a bizarre Depeche Mode cliffhanger. Amazon abruptly announced that they were discontinuing the series. What about Phase 3 Jeff Bezos?? WHAT ABOUT PHASE 3? —Kristen Baldwin

Legends of Tomorrow (The CW)

You can pour one out for the entire Arrowverse. It has gone from six ongoing series down to one soon-to be-concluded series.Flash. It is amazing to think about the legacy of Greg Berlanti, producer, and his series of spin-offs that popularized multiverse concepts years before the MCU. AndLow-budget whimsy was a key ingredient in a decadent era for comic book storytelling. But I will always remember the forever offbeatLegends To be the CW’s super-standout. It was, at best, a thrilling adventure that spanned time and genre space. It freely mixed science fiction and supernatural stories with a happy who-cares attitude. I will miss the show’s ability to promote minor DC-listers into major spotlight roles, and the general everything-can-happen willfulness that could spoof reality, visit Hell, or turn fuzzy little Beebo in a god of warfare. Inevitably, Legends The ending was a cliffhanger. It was an invitation to a revival but also a reminder of the miracle of persistence that this silly delight’s seven-season existence was. —Darren Franich

The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix)

Goodbye to your friends. The world has changed since Netflix made it possible for you to enjoy the heartwarming, nostalgic and feel-good Netflix shows. The Baby-Sitters Club The adaptation was not worthy of another season. The live-action, modern remake of the franchise based Ann M. Martin’s classic novels lasted two seasons. It introduced a new generation of beloved characters Kristy and Claudia, Stacey and Mary Anne, Dawn, Jessi and Mallory. They were brought to life by a talented group of young teen actors who are destined for big roles, such as Xochitl, who has made her MCU debut. We’ll be mourning the loss of 20 more meaningful and wholesome seasons with these BFFs, which would have counteracted all the current edgy shows that focus on young children. —Sydney Bucksbaum

Desus and Mero (Showtime)

Showtime’s gabfest was a standout in a time of rapid growth in late-night programming. It stood out for its personality and low-key, conversational charm. Joel “The Kid Mero”, Martinez and Daniel “Desus Nice,” spent years perfecting their riffy back-and forth on podcasts and in a Viceland series. They were exactly the same on premium cable, but more so, exchanging their banter about the surrealities and late Trump America, even as their guest list grew to include late-night legends, as well as a couple of Presidents. Everyone has the show that got him out of lockdown. Desus & Mero That was the case in my household. The twice-weekly checkins with Desus and Mero’s child-packed home were pure comedy oxygen. Their hilarious chats made the show unique for the Era of Zoom Everything. Although it is not clear why the pair parted ways, it is clear that they left behind a legacy as large as the Bronx. —D.F.

As We See It (Amazon Prime Video)

Please make it make sense. Amazon will happily spend eleventy billion dollars on aLord of the RingsPrequel Whose main contribution to society appears to be givingRacist trolls another reason to yell. Yet, they can’t find enough cash in their petty money fund to keep this charming, quirky comedy — about and starring young adults with autism spectrum — going for another year. All nine episodesAs We See ItIt will probably be less expensive than Gil-galad’s wig maintenance. AndTROPJoe Mantegna isn’t even there! This decision is a bad one, as we can see. –KB

Minx (HBO Max)

Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond), and her connection to it are very similar.MinxIt seems smart and subversive to me. Comedy is dead. It was renewed for season 2 in May. Production was almost complete on season 2. Warner Bros. made yet another decision. The show was abruptly cancelled in December by David Zaslav, Discovery’s new CEO. According to reports, season 1 will be removed from HBO Max. It’s always disappointing to lose a show that provided a unique perspective and feminist voice, but it’s even more frustrating when so much of the work has been done.MinxThe show turned the tables on questions of female desire, pornography, and sexuality. It also created fascinating characters that you couldn’t help root for. Its cancelation is a bit misogynistic or, at the very minimum, prudish, I think. It’s a choice that is not only unwise, but downright stupid. —Maureen Lee Lenker

Rutherford Falls (Peacock)

It’s almost like the Peacock execs didn’t even pay attention to this.Rutherford Falls. The smart and sweet comedy about Regan Wells (Jana Schmieding), and Nathan Rutherford (“Ed Helms”) — best friends who live in a colonial town built on Native Land — found its feet in season 2, expanding its focus onto the outstanding ensemble (shout out to Jesse Leigh, Michael Greyeyes!) Delivering one of the best comedy performances.The funniest episodes from the year. But Peacock pulled out the plug. Rutherford(Created by Sierra Teller Ornelas and Michael Schur in September). It looks like this.Reservation Dogs Unless the Exception, it will be expected to assume the “Native representations on TV” title. Netflix wants to hire suits? Girls5Eva And RutherfordFallsThey would look great together on a homepage. —K.B.

Legacies (The CW)

We were truly heartbroken by the CW’s many, this year. Many cancellations. It was devastating to see, despite all the shows that had to wrap up their story quickly. Legacies It is over. 13 years of great stories and even more characters later, the Vampire Diaries universe had to end quickly, just as Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), had become a tribrid. (While the final season is credited for bringing in so many familiar faces, such as Candice King and Joseph Morgan, it deserves all the credit. This is the third show in this universe. Legacies It managed to create something familiar and yet unique. It didn’t have the right to live forever. But it deserved to choose when its forever should end. —Samantha Highfill

Love is Victorious (Hulu)

If your favorite show is canceled, it’s best to let it go on its own terms. Love is Victorious. The charming and endlessly charming LGBTQ romcom spin-off of the 2018 film Love, Simon It was clear that season 3 would be the last. However, it ended with a lovely series finale that brought everyone’s story together. The first season was about exploration, while the second was about acceptance and the third was about self-discovery. Victor (Michael Cimino), found his happily ever after with Benji (George Sear), on the iconic ferris wheel. But we could have watched Victor navigate his post-coming out life and head off to college, now that he has accepted his true identity. There were many more stories to be told, not just with these characters, but for all queer teens. Love is Victorious This means that there is one less series in a genre that is tragically underrepresented. Let’s hope that this idea inspires you to create your own series. Love, Rahim Spin-offs are not yet off the table! –S.B.

Saved by the Bell (Peacock)

When the alarm goes off in the morning, I don’t believe I’ll make it to work on time. Why? Because there is no more Saved by the Bell. It was truly a surprise that I enjoyed the reboot as much when it premiered on the Peacock in the dark days November 2020. Hot Sundae, if you will. Josie Totah or Mitchell Hoog are available in a Moonlighting You should reboot immediately, because those kids can banter — and in the joke. The new Saved by the Bell It mocked the original, lovingly but openly. To satisfy that nostalgic itch, it brought several of the OG stars along. But it’s not right now… because we won’t get saved by the bell. –Lester Brathwaite

Gordita Chronicles (HBO Max)

The charming is another victim of HBO Max. Gordita Chronicles It lasted only one season. Based on Claudia Forestieri’s childhood experience, the series followed Cucu Castelli (Olivia Goncalves) as she left Santo Domingo with her friends and moved to Miami to be with her family. The result was a moving, funny story about love and opportunity, as well as the “American Dream.” It was just the beginning. —S.H.

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