Texans Enabled Deshaun Watson’s Behavior

Texans Enabled Deshaun Watson’s Behavior

According to the New York Times investigation, the Houston Texans had a large part in Deshaun Watson’s issues.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is facing 24 civil lawsuits currently, a number that could climb. According to a report from the New York Times, the number goes far beyond 24, and the Houston Texans enabled a lot of it.

The Times’s review also showed that Watson’s conduct was enabled, knowingly or not, by the team he played for at the time, the Houston Texans, which provided the venue Watson used for some of the appointments. After a woman threatened to sue him online, a team representative provided Watson with a nondisclosure contract.

So, according to the report, the Texans knew about Watson’s behavior and tried to help him hide it. Over a span of 17 months, Watson received a massage from 66 different women, according to the report.

According to the Times, the 66 women are:

  • The 24 who have sued him, including two who filed suits within the last week. The woman claimed that Watson masturbated during the last suit.
  • A woman who sued but then withdrew the complaint because of “privacy and security concerns.”
  • Two women who filed criminal complaints against Watson but did not sue him.
  • At least 15 therapists who issued statements of support for Watson at the request of his lawyers and gave him massages during that period.
  • At least four therapists from Genuine Touch, the massage therapy group contracted with the Texans.
  • Five women identified by the plaintiffs’ lawyers during the investigation for their civil suits.
  • At least 15 other women whose appointments with Watson were confirmed through interviews and records reviewed by The Times.

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Watson’s lawyer remains firm in the stance that Watson did nothing wrong. Rusty Hardin said, “We can tell when the true facts are known this issue’s will appear in a new light.”

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