TechCrunch+ roundup: Headcount data study, SaaS sales mistakes, financial close strategies

TechCrunch+ roundup: Headcount data study, SaaS sales mistakes, financial close strategies

Thomvest Ventures has recorded headcount data over the past 24 months for 150 Series A-C enterprise SaaS startups. We have the numbers.

This report, prepared by Eddie Ackerman (Thomvest’s strategic financial operating partner), examines Startup hiring velocity since February 2021 By region, company type, and, particularly, how long ago it has been since the last fundraise.

Ackerman said he expects to see another tranche in the coming weeks, once startups hold their Q4 2022 board meeting.

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This is not something that any worker would like to read just a few days before Christmas. But, forewarned is always forearmed.

Ackerman says that companies with strong balance sheets, strong backers and product-market fit are the best times to make critical hires.

If this is your company, you should be already planning to reduce headcount.

Ackerman writes that “the difficult decision to freeze hiring should not be made late, even if your balance sheets are in a good place.”

If you are a founder, this is what you need to know: When layoffs are imminent, you have a moral obligation to inform your employees as soon as possible. Do the right thing.

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How to make the most out of your investor relationships in 2023

Santa Claus is refactoring his list of naughty and nice people. It’s also a good opportunity for startup founders, to take stock of their investor relationships.

Vidya Raman, a partner in Sorenson Ventures has written a TC article that includes dos and don’ts for upcoming board meeting. She also shares her thoughts on which communication channels are best to handle different help requests and what data points you should bring up in your discussions.

She advises that you be ruthless in how you spend your time, especially with investors.

This year holiday shipping is easier, but technology is still lagging.

Global supply lines are in better shape this year than they were last year, but that doesn’t bode well for future, writes Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen.

“This year’s shipping improvements largely reflect a pullback of consumption rather than any improvement to the underlying infrastructure,” he said, noting that labor shortages and high fuel prices have caused persistent bottlenecks.

“Fortunately, we have the data that we need to increase efficiency, and it is abundant beyond measure.”

Pitch Deck Teardown – Card Blanch’s $460K deck to its angel round

Card Blanch, a fintech startup, recently closed a $460,000 round to fund its pre-launch service. It promises to allow customers to track their spending through a single app.

We’re sharing the deck of founders in non-redacted form to show you why angel investors were so happy to see it.

  • Slide Cover
  • Problem slide
  • Market size has fallen
  • Slide Solution
  • Slideshow
  • Slide “How it works”
  • The slide of competition
  • Revenue model slide
  • Market opportunity slide
  • “Next steps” — The ask slide
  • Value prop slide: “Your entire wallet in one card”
  • Summary slide: “Complete spending analysis in one place”

Dear Sophie, What are the pros and disadvantages of the E-2 visa and the L-1A visa?

One figure at the entrance to maze hedge with an American flag in the center

Image Credits Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

Dear Sophie,

We co-founded a startup together in Colombia and are now considering opening a U.S. sales office. My co-founder would continue to manage our engineering team from Colombia, while I would be moving.

I am currently considering the E-2 investor visa and L-1A executive visas. Which visa is better?

— Courageous Colombian

Three strategies to solve the financial dilemma

Be honest: Did December holidays cause you to rush your November month-end?

Although New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to keep, it’s a great time to start healthier accounting habits.

Shagun Malhotra, a CPA, CIA, and an experienced auditor, suggests that you automate your December numbers before running them.

In a TC blog, she shares three strategies to digitize this process and suggests sub-metrics that you can track that will give a clear snapshot of your financial health.

“Using the data collected in these steps will enable you to quickly identify the root causes of your business’ problems, which will then allow you to determine what you should do next.”

Three Black investors discuss what they want in 2023

While investors are generally optimistic about tech’s ability to recover over the long-term, Dominic-Madori Davis believes they are largely fatalistic when it comes to expanding opportunities to Black founders.

She spoke to three Black investors about impact investing and the trends they see as most important in 2023.

  • Alexis Alston, principal of Lightship Capital
  • Richard Kerby, general partner, Equal Ventures
  • Jadyn Bryden, vice president, Xfund

Avoid these 3 common sales mistakes startups make in a downturn

Analysts predict that IT spending will rise in 2023. But, tell that to SaaS sales representatives trying to close deals with customers who have been instructed to reduce spending.

“Effective sales is what every company needs now,” says Anand Shah (CEO and co-founder at Databook), who explains why reacting to price increases or increasing sales quotas won’t make a difference.

“Make real changes to satisfy your buyers’ needs. To make the necessary sales productivity improvements, you can use the macroeconomic background.

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