Taylor Swift pens touching tribute to Sadie Sink for EW’s Entertainers of the Year

Taylor Swift pens touching tribute to Sadie Sink for EW’s Entertainers of the Year

Taylor Swift recognizes Sadie Sink as one of EW’s 2022 Entertainers Of The Year: “A force to behold and a pleasure know”

The Grammy winner shares a poem she wrote in honor of the musician Stranger Things And The Whale star, whom she directed All Too Well: The Short Film.

By Taylor Swift December 12, 2022 at 08:00 AM EST

Despite being only 20 years old, Sadie Sink Since her Texas debut at age 7 in a regional theater, she has been racing up the hill to Hollywood’s A list. The last decade culminated in a 2022 that few can match. Sink was not only the emotional center of the group, Stranger Things 4She also visited the festival circuit to promote her acclaimed work. Taylor SwiftThe leading lady in the world The short film All Too Well, and went toe–to-toe Brendan Fraser In The Whale — Earning trophies (and) a Stella McCartney campaign) on the way.

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Sadie Sink; (inset) Taylor Swift

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Sadie Sink is an extraordinary presence on screen, stage, and set. During the filming of our short film together, I was often captivated by her effortlessness and complex performance. It didn’t feel like a performance, scratch that. It was all real: her grief, her hope and her loss.

Sadie’s face is transparent. You can see her thoughts. Nearly has. This year, after more than a decade of hard work, “Sadie Sink”‘s rent was due. She Helped bring “Running Up That Hill”, by Kate Bush, back into the cultural spotlight With a horrifying performance Max Mayfield On Stranger Things Season 4. Season 4. Max’s fury was evident even when he was feeling depressed. It was an evolutionary step for Max, who was helmed gracefully by an artist who is skilled in fully committing and extensive preparation.

She continued to display audiences this level of versatility, emotional dexterity, and next rose to the challenge to play Brendan Fraser’s complicated and defiant daughter Ellie in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale. Ellie is a character who has suffered years of rejection and confusion. Sadie threaded the needle with all the attention that was required in such turbulent times. Darren described Sadie as “a surgeon’s scalpel” when he worked with her. She is a firecracker of emotion, and a professional.”

I was able to witness the exact emotions that she displayed during our shoot. She played the role of a young, lovelorn, and lovestruck woman I called “Her”. All Too Well: The Short Film. When she met up with Dylan O’Brien In an explosive argument scene I decided to film the rehearsal on a whim. It was a good thing, because Sadie lit up the kitchen fight with ad libbed lines, improvised twists, and turns, and all of it with riveting nuance. The film ended up with the rehearsal, a one-shot battle that I couldn’t cut down in the edit. Because EVERYTHING was captivating.

She is an amazing force to behold and a joy to know. As she lights up the screen and tells new stories, I will continue to feel lucky to be able to watch her from afar. She is multifaceted and brilliant, darkly unhinged, twinkly, full of promise, and multifaceted. We get to see the multitudes she contains, and we can watch as she bravely reveals them. Everyone say, “Thank you, Sadie.”

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