Tampa Bay Buccaneers Clinch Playoffs and NFC South Division

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Clinch Playoffs and NFC South Division

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the NFC South today, beating the Carolina Panthers by a close matchup.

Although the Bucs started slowly in this one, Mike Evans’ 200 yard, three touchdown game helped them pull it out and earn a playoff spot.

It wasn’t all good, but the Bucs seem to have new life after a New Year’s Day thriller which saw the game come down the wire.

Tom Brady also played a solid game, with 432 yards and three touchdowns to Mike Evans on 34-of-50 passing. To seal the victory for Tampa Bay, he also ran for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Although the Bucs still have a lot to do on the offensive side, today was a good day for them.

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The Buccaneers were not perfect defensively but they were able to make key stops and turn the tables when they needed. They also forced a crucial turnover in the fourth quarter, which helped them swing the momentum in their favour. Anthony Nelson’s strip sack of Sam Darnold was a major turning point for the Bucs.

The win means that the Buccaneers have clinched the NFC South title. They are currently at.500 going into the final regular season game and will now be focusing on the playoffs. They’ll likely face a tough matchup in round one, but their performance down the stretch makes them a threat to make deep runs.

The loss to the Panthers is hard for them to accept, as they will likely not make the playoffs despite having a strong second half. It will be interesting to see how the Bucs will play next week against the Atlanta Falcons now that the division is clinched. The team could rest players for the first round, which would be a great move as they aim to make deep playoff runs.

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