Super-ripped Jake Gyllenhaal slaps MMA fighter for ‘Road House’ scene

Super-ripped Jake Gyllenhaal slaps MMA fighter for ‘Road House’ scene

Watch an absolutely ripped Jake Gyllenhaal slap an MMA fighter while filming a scene for Road House

Totally jacked? More like totally Jaked.

Ding, ding, ding! Jake Gyllenhaal is gearing up for the fight of his life in the upcoming Road House remake — and that may entail giving anyone who stands in his way a healthy slap in the face.

The actor, who is now so shredded that even his muscles have muscles, shot a scene for the new film at a UFC event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Friday. In footage taken from the event, a tatted Gyllenhaal, playing his character Elwood Dalton, can be seen losing his shirt and completing his weigh-in amid cheers from the crowd. 

“Official weight: 184 and a half for the challenger Elwood Dalton,” the announcer calls. Gyllenhaal further fires up the crowd by handing them two tickets to the gun show before stepping off the scale and shaking hands with UFC president Dana White.

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It’s all going well until MMA world champion Jay Hieron, who plays Dalton’s competitor Jack Harris, shows up. After he’s weighed in, the pair go head-to-head in a tense exchange before Gyllenhaal’s character suddenly smacks Hieron’s across the face. The MMA fighter rears back and the two are quickly pulled to opposite sides of the stage as they continue to argue. 

“I can’t even believe I trained six weeks for this s—. To fight this piece of s—,” Gyllenhaal, as Dalton, tells the announcer. “Just give me the belt now. Come on, motherf—er. Let’s go.”

Before taking the stage, UFC champion Conor McGregor told the audience that they would be shooting a scene at the event for the film, which is a reimagining of the 1989 action-thriller starring Patrick Swayze.

“We’ve got the biggest fight in Road House history: Harris versus Dalton UFC 222,” McGregor said. “Everyone in this arena, you’re about to be part of my movie that’s coming out with myself, Jake Gyllenhaal — a Joel Silver production. Make sure to cheer for the weigh-ins, and let’s go, Las Vegas!”

The updated version of Road House will star Gyllenhaal as a former UFC fighter who becomes a bouncer at a dilapidated roadhouse in the Florida Keys. When he discovers some trouble in paradise, he’s sent on a wildly unforgettable journey.

Road House is due out later this year.

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