Stephen A. Smith to Launch Non-Sports Podcast

Stephen A. Smith to Launch Non-Sports Podcast

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith will be working with Audacy’s Cadence13 Partners to establish his own podcast called Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith.

The podcast won’t be sports related, though. The outspoken personality will discuss issues in politics, business, entertainment, social issues and criminal justice, per Front Office Sports. The podcast is set to debut on Sept. 26.

Smith will still work on ESPN’s First Take during the week. The network confirmed that his podcast will not impact his ESPN duties. He plans to release three episodes a week, premiering on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings on the Audacy app.

“It’s hard to put into words how excited I am about this opportunity,” Smith said in a statement. “Although my love for sports will never fade, neither has my zest for expanding my interest beyond the court or field of play. I love news. I love entertainment. Above all else, I love attaching myself to, and touching on, things that are percolating in the minds of the masses—with no inhibitions.

“Regardless of subject matter, to have the opportunity to do so with a podcast I personally own, with content I personally control, is an adventure I’ve waited to tackle head-on for my entire career. Well, it’s here now, and I’m excited to do it with Cadence13. I’m ready. I hope everyone is, too, for what’s coming. Buckle up!”

This news come shortly after Smith appeared on Paul Finebaum’s radio show this week and didn’t say no when asked if he would consider running for president. He even admitted that he was previously approached about running for the United States Senate.

The 54-year-old previously made appearances on Fox News, MSNBC and CNN, regularly serving as a guest on cable news after ESPN laid him off briefly in 2009.

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