South Carolina vs. Missouri: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

South Carolina vs. Missouri: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Gamecocks came in Saturday on a hot streak . Missouri stopped the momentum of college football’s biggest story, Shane Beamer as head coach.

While the season isn’t over, the loss is troubling. It will be about how they bounceback. They must reevaluate their actions to stop these trends from continuing.

South Carolina is still ahead of the game. They can save some momentum against Vanderbilt next Wednesday before they enter a crucial two-game stretch. Their effort must improve quickly.

The Good: Second-Half Defense

Missouri jumped out to an early 14-0 lead, powered by their run game. The Tigers went on consecutive drives of 97 and 84 yards, respectively. The offense was well managed by Brady Cook, the quarterback. All momentum was on Missouri’s sideline.

South Carolina railed in the second half , and made plays. They didn’t have the support of their offense, so things weren’t perfect. In modern college football, defense is only good enough.

Defensive Coordinator Clayton White made some adjustments in the presnap motion to prevent backend leakage. Wide receiver Dominic Lovett made two downfield catches but these issues were fixed.

The Bad: Offensive Script

We don’t generally critique coaching, as it is easy to point the finger after a disappointing game. It’s just how the game works. Fans criticize play calling after losses and praise them afterwards.

There were some questionable calls Saturday. It seemed like Marcus Satterfield, offensive coordinator, thought he could switch to a pro-style plan. But the Tigers pounced on them.

South Carolina was unable to win on early downs and often found themselves in third or longs. Although Satterfield isn’t perfect, they have made significant improvements in the last month. Today was a reversal that cannot be continued.

The Ugly: Presnap Offense

South Carolina never gave itself a chance. It’s not just one person who is responsible for the failure. The quarterback, coaches, and offensive line are all to blame.

Missouri used some unusual pressures and stunts from their secondary to throw the Gamecocks off. These will impact every team, even if you don’t expect it. But, good offenses can spot the problem and fix it.

There was no communication presnap. The call was sent out, distributed, then run.

Brad Johnson Out For Missouri Game.

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