Shark House stream: Watch Discovery’s Shark Week Live Online

Shark House stream: Watch Discovery’s Shark Week Live Online

‘Shark Week’ continues Thursday night with ‘Shark House’ on the Discovery Channel.

Shark Week has been packed with shows about all types of sharks, but the grand daddy of them all, the great white shark, once again takes center stage with Shark House on Thursday night.

How to Watch Shark House Special Today:

Date: July 28, 2022

Time: 9: 00 p.m. ET

TV Channel: Discovery Channel

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According to, after great whites started washing up dead in South Africa, Dickie Chivell spent years building and testing an undersea shark house to find out why. Now, ready to deploy, he’s not just looking for answers, he’s looking for survivors, too.

The week has been filled with different divers/explorers building unique devices to get them deeper in the water and closer to the great white shark in hopes of finding more information about them.

Wednesday night, you may have watched the Great White Comeback, which also explored the disappearance of many great white sharks off the coast and South Africa, and Thursday night, you can learn even more.

It is another great dive into the mystery behind what is happening in South Africa and is another must-watch.

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