Sean Payton In, Mike McCarthy Fired? Dallas Cowboys Odd Rumor via PFT (Again)

Sean Payton In, Mike McCarthy Fired? Dallas Cowboys Odd Rumor via PFT (Again)

FRISCO – Yes, the NFL Coaching Carousel has just started spinning. But why is Mike McCarthy being given a horsey?

“The rumors have been flying!”

“Gossip is making rounds!”

“The chatter is back!”

Some people believe that the Dallas Cowboys firing McCarthy and hiring Sean Payton is a backwards step. It never left. is one of the places where it has established permanent housekeeping. Mike Florio, the publisher, is involved in an intense love affair with the concept.

Florio wrote that “rumors are making the rounds again”, before Saturday’s win over Philly by 40-34. “Yes, the chatter has returned. “Yes, the chatter is back.



“The thinking is.


There are many soft edges That is called “reporting.”

Now, more of the same as Monday. Denver fired Nathaniel Hackett. While was here, our insta-reaction to Dan Quinn’s Denver candidacy was to point out that year-ago. Hackett’s firing has been somehow linked to the internet by…

Mike McCarthy’s firing

There are no secrets, there are not scoops and there are no revelations. Sean Payton, the former New Orleans Saints coach, has a long-standing relationship with the Jones family. We’ve known for years that there’s a good chance that he’ll one day be in the Cowboys’ employ.

This hasn’t changed. We don’t believe it will ever change. Except…

Payton suddenly becomes extinct He is a happy Southern Californian, as he spends the entire season on FOX. So, the Chargers job and the Rams job.If they were to open, and they did, we would bet that they would join his wishlist. We’re certain Florio knows that he will be pursued by other teams. There is “chatter” in many NFL cities, including Denver.… even though we don’t think Payton would be too enthusiastic about that idea.

Is Payton a fan of Dallas? If so, that’s not a new idea.

We have made it clear: If the Cowboys lose these playoffs in the exact same manner in which they were eliminated a year ago (i.e., in an upset), 2) by being out-muscled, and 3) due to a penalty plague – then there will be voices suggesting that something should change.

We’ve also made it clear that Jerry Jones is pleased with his relationship to McCarthy, who has also shown his respect for Dak Prescott, his locker room, and Dak Prescott.

Payton is considered “hot”, but his impressive resume is very similar to McCarthy’s.

Another thing: Any team that wants to hire Payton while he is still under contract with Saints would have to trade with New Orleans in order to acquire his rights. Last time this happened, Jon Gruden was awarded two first-round picks and two second-round selections.

Is Payton so great that he deserves $100 million guaranteed for five year (speaking of “gossip”) and so good that it will allow him to improve a future cap-strapped Cowboys squad without the benefit any draft picks?

Overall, “The McCarthy Hot Seat” campaign is a sexist one. The Cowboys’ record of 23 wins in the last two seasons is Dallas’ best since 1994-95, when the Super Bowl teams were created. Dallas has now secured back-to-back playoff berths for the first time since 2006-07.

McCarthy has done nothing to make negative headlines. Maybe the NFL world owes him to “chatter” about it – especially when Hackett is the one who’s been strapped on a horsey and has actually lost his job.

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