Sas and Flower? Pete and Alberta? The cast of ‘Ghosts’ talks love in the afterlife

Sas and Flower? Pete and Alberta? The cast of ‘Ghosts’ talks love in the afterlife

” Will she choose the man with the arrow in her neck or continue to lust after these bootlegger boyfriends instead? We’ll never know. “

Ghosts also need love… They can live without food, air, or TikTok. But does the spirit ever stop pleading for love?

A panel of experts seems to believe otherwise. Those experts are the cast of CBS’ Ghosts, who have some knowledge of what goes on in the afterlife.

Utkarsh Ambudkar, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, and Roman Zaragoza stopped by New York Comic Con to chat with EW about their thoughts on relationships between some of their dearly departed characters.


Will Alberta (Danielle Pinnock) and Pete (Richie Moriarty) get together this season on ‘Ghosts’?

| Credit: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

Both Zaragoza and Carrasco think their characters — Lenape storyteller Sasappis, a.k.a. Both Sas and Flower, an absent-minded hippie Flower, are ready for some romantic relationship exploration.

We want to find out what our relationship is,” Carrasco said. “We are looking for a big sister, a brother-sister. ”

” You just said that to us! Grodman, the pantless wolf of Wall Street Trevor plays, interjects.

“Well, I’m trying to be family members with all you guys,” Carrasco says.

But the real love story may be between Pinnock’s jazz singer Alberta, and Richie Moriarty’s arrow-in­the-neck travel agent Pete. Pinnock is, for one, “really excited” about what happens there.

There are some little crushes,” Pinnock said. “And I was like, “Will she choose to be with the good guy with an arrow in his neck, or will she continue to lust after these bootlegger boyfriends?” We’ll never know. I love the idea that you can also find love in afterlife with this show. It’s amazing. ” Grodman points out that there is “hundreds” of years of history between the ghosts, and that they have all had relationships over time in different ways that aren’t romantic. Grodman’s favorite season is the one in which Thor (Devan Chandler Lang) revealed that Hetty (Wisocky’s) “imaginary best friend” when she was a little girl. “No other show could do that,” he says.

Watch EW’s full video interview with the cast of Ghosts above.

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