Sarah Snook says last day of ‘Succession’ shoot was ‘very emotional’

Sarah Snook says last day of ‘Succession’ shoot was ‘very emotional’

“Everyone was crying and clapping and having all sorts of feelings,” the actress tells EW.

Sarah Snook has wrapped her role as Siobhan ‘Shiv’ Roy on the fourth and final season of Succession — but unlike Shiv, the actress isn’t looking for her next venture.

“I’m having a baby,” she tells EW with a laugh. “I’m very fortunate in that I’m not [leaving] the best job I’ve ever done and then turning around into a vacuum of no work and unemployment. I’ve got a baby coming, so one door closes, another door flies itself wide open. [I am] quite happily moving on to the next thing. I’ve got a pretty big [project] on my plate coming up, so I’m not entertaining anything else just yet.”

PHOTO March 21, 2023 Photograph by Claudette Barius/HBO Sarah Snook HBO Succession Season 4

Sarah Snook in ‘Succession’ season 4

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“Coming out of the final episode of season 3, Shiv is betrayed on many fronts,” Snook says. “Once by her mother (Harriet Walter), expectedly by her father ­ well, unexpectedly but par for course for him and then the big one from Tom. So, into season 4, the very first episode, we see her wanting to rely on herself but needing to turn to her brothers for maybe the first time in a long time. It’s a really strange thing to see the Roys in such a sunny kind of background and also in a very different color palette. You see the East Coast-West Coast [divide] throughout the first episode, even to the point where the sun has gone down on the East Coast and is still up on the West Coast. The Roy kids are bathed in sunlight, and all these lovely warm tones, and Logan, yeah, the sun is setting on his side. We shot out of order, the shoot schedule it was disjointed, but it looks good in the final product.”

The Succession series finale was also filmed out of sequence. Regardless, Snook remembers her final day on set as a “very emotional” experience.

“We shot a scene that chronologically wasn’t the last scene of the episode, but was a scene that had a lot more playfulness and joy and silliness, kind of a sibling-ish play, and that was really fun to do as a last scene,” she says. “I don’t know if it will make the show! Because it’s pretty eccentric in some ways. But it was good to do as the last scene. Yeah. It was really meaningful, and everyone was crying, and clapping, and having all sorts of emotions and feelings, and it was all very sad. And happy as well.”

Succession season 4 premieres Sunday, March 26, on HBO and HBO Max.

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