Sarah Michelle Gellar shares ‘Buffy’ throwback pic with Pedro Pascal: ‘When mother met father’

Sarah Michelle Gellar shares ‘Buffy’ throwback pic with Pedro Pascal: ‘When mother met father’

Yep, the internet’s daddy once played a college freshman vampire.

Sarah Michelle Gellar shared a throwback photo from the episode on Instagram, which featured a pre-internet daddy Pascal as Eddie, a college freshman befriended by Gellar’s titular vampire slayer in the season 4 premiere.

She captioned the post, “When mother met father.”

Pascal, credited as Pedro Balmaceda, had a one episode arc, but his Eddie was memorable. A nervous first-time college student in season 4’s “The Freshman,” Pascal’s Eddie meets Buffy — also feeling like a fish out of water on campus — as he’s trying to decipher the college map. Ah, a new friend!

Not really. Eddie is attacked by a group of blood-hungry vampires after he and Buffy go their separate ways. The titular heroine ends up killing her new pal.

Pascal looked back at his time on the show with fondness in 2015, telling Vulture that he got into the series later in life amidst the era of streaming. “That was one of the first jobs I got after I graduated, being a vampire — albeit briefly,” he said.

Pedro Pascal attends HBO’s “The Last of Us” Los Angeles Premiere on January 09, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

Pedro Pascal

| Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

“It’s a funny thing because Buffy is such a wonderful show, and it’s something that I got into kind of late in life now that it’s available for streaming,” the star of The Mandalorian added. “Now that I’m removed from having been on it, I got to really experience the show in all of its brilliant allegory.” Plus, the experienced helped inform his role in the vampire horror comedy film Bloodsucking Bastards.

“A movie like Bloodsucking Bastards can exist because of a show like Buffy,” Pascal said. “The humor is a lot more broad, but it still is a genre-mixing story, which Buffy really ushered into pop culture. My idea of Bloodsucking Bastards was kind of Office Space meets Buffy.”

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