Rockets LISTEN: Jalen Green’s ‘Disagreement’ with Jabari Smith Jr. a Problem?

Rockets LISTEN: Jalen Green’s ‘Disagreement’ with Jabari Smith Jr. a Problem?

The Houston Rockets are in the win column after a hard-fought 114-108 win against the Utah Jazz, who came into Monday’s game undefeated. However, there was some drama in the win.

Late in the fourth quarter, Jalen Smith Jr. and Jabari Green appeared to be having a fight on the bench. It was clear that Smith and Green were passionately discussing a portion of the game during the intermission. Smith, the No. Smith, the 3rd overall pick in this year’s draft, didn’t seem to like Green’s comments. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, had to say, so he stood up and appeared to raise his voice at his teammate.

Kevin Porter Jr. and coach John Lucas got in between the two to prevent more from happening, but the Rockets recovered after the timeout and finished out the game. Green and Smith reacted to the “incident” in a press conference after the game. They squashed it and made it a major issue.

With the Rockets‘ troubles over the last two seasons, many could look at this as the next chapter of Houston’s dysfunction. It could be that. Or it could be a minor disagreement that didn’t materialize, as it ended in a winnable effort anyway.

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On the latest episode of “The Dream Take,” Michael Brown and Jeremy Brener discuss the Rockets win and dive into what happened between Green and Smith on the sidelines late in Monday’s game against the Jazz.

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