Robert Quinn reportedly dealt by Chicago Bears to Eagles

Robert Quinn reportedly dealt by Chicago Bears to Eagles

Defensive end Robert Quinn is so beloved by the Bears at Halas Hall, that when word of his trade to Philadelphia Eagles reached him Wednesday, it stopped a RoquanSmith press conference and he wept.

“It sucks, man,” Smith said. “I’m going take a second for a second, if it doesn’t bother you.”

Smith tried his best to regain his composure after a pause.

” You know I have a lot of respect for the guy you know.”

Bears PR halted the press conference as Smith’s eyes filled with tears.

The Bears pass rusher is headed to the Eagles with just one sack this year after making 18 1/2 in 2021. He recorded eight tackles in seven games. He had seven overall pressures in this year’s season.

GM Ryan Poles confirmed that the deal was in place and said it is subject to a physical.

This came after his Pro Bowl season when he set the franchise record for sacks, breaking Richard Dent’s record set in 1984.

Quinn has 102 career sacks, 21 1/2 in Chicago after signing for five years and $70 million before the 2020 season.

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Quinn has been the subject of trade speculation going back to the offseason, and especially after general manager Robert Quinn was willing to trade Khalil Mack to the Chargers.

It was seen as the beginning of the dismantling the Bears defense.

Quinn was not allowed to play because the Bears had young pass rushers like Dominique Robinson or Trevis Gipson. They needed to know what they could get out of that group.

” I’ve been traded twice,” Quinn stated as camp began. “You get tired of moving. I thought I did a great job last year, but I guess I’ll just keep trying to prove myself wrong.

” I expect to be here, but I guess it’s beyond my control if not. I’m going to just take it day-by-day and have fun with the guys, and let life unfold. This move leaves Robinson, Gipson, and Al-Quadin Muhammad the top three defensive end. Kingsley Jonathan, another pass rusher, was acquired by the team just before the season. However, he has been inactive for most of the year. He played defense in Week 2, against Green Bay, and was on special team against Houston the following week, but he has not been on the field since.

The Bears also have Jalyn Holmes on the practice squad, a 2018 Vikings fourth-round draft pick who was with the Saints last year. He has one career sack in 10 starts.

It is clear that Quinn’s trade makes him a valuable defensive end in the Bears draft next year or in free agency.


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