Report: Harbaugh Won’t Say He Lied in NCAA Infraction Case

Report: Harbaugh Won’t Say He Lied in NCAA Infraction Case

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh refuses to say he lied to NCAA investigators regarding an infractions case filed against the school, leading to a breakdown of negotiations between the two entities, according to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports.

Harbaugh has admitted that his program committed four Level II violations, as the NCAA initially alleged, and has apologized to the university for allowing them to occur, per the report. However, he has refused to sign any document or publicly state that he was ever untruthful with the enforcement staff.

The four Level II violations in question reportedly include meeting with two recruits during a COVID-19 dead period, texting a recruit outside of a permissible time period, having analysts perform on-field coaching duties during practice and having coaches watch players work out via Zoom. Punishments for this level of violation are typically minor.

However, if Harbaugh lied to enforcement staffers about the infractions, it would be considered a Level I violation that could possibly lead to a six-game suspension and significant recruiting restrictions, per NCAA statutes. During two meetings this week, Harbaugh said he didn’t lie but merely forgot somewhat insignificant actions. The NCAA maintains he was purposely untruthful, which has led to talks breaking down. 

A prolonged infractions case could take at least a year and potentially even longer to adjudicate, according to the Yahoo Sports report. Even if no agreement is reached, Harbaugh still could coach the entire 2023 season.

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