Report: Dodgers Expected to Release RHP Trevor Bauer

Report: Dodgers Expected to Release RHP Trevor Bauer

After a long wait, Thursday’s news came that Trevor Bauer, the suspended pitcher, would not be suspended again. An independent arbitrator reduced MLB’s April 324-game suspension to 194 games. Bauer played 144 of the 194 games during the 2022 season. The difference is made up by the time Bauer served while on administrative leave.

You can find more information about the appeal and suspension process at The Athletic (Subscription required).

The news brought a blow to the Dodgers’ front office that they had been anxious about all offseason. This is the main reason why the club has been so timid this winter. Bauer would be eligible for the roster and pitch in 2023. According to some reports, this might not be what they want.

Bob Nightengale, USA Today’s scribe, tweeted twice on Thursday that Bauer would be released by the Dodgers before the January 6th reinstatement deadline.

If Bauer is released, the team will be responsible for $23 million in salary in 2023. This number would count towards the luxury tax threshold, which is $233 next year. It would place the team just below that number heading into the new seasons.

That’s before the team tackles any of its other tasks. 10 arbitration eligible players.

The Dodgers may be able to avoid the season-long headaches that could result from having the estranged pitcher back in the lineup. The team has released a statement via Twitter (more of a non-statement) at the time this article was written. It stated that it “will comment as soon and practical.”

The team still has two weeks to make a decision.

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