Price of Micah Parsons’s Haircut Just Went Up Tremendously

Price of Micah Parsons’s Haircut Just Went Up Tremendously

Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons ranted about the price hike of his haircut on Twitter on Friday, leading to him explaining his frustration on Monday night.

Parsons’ original tweet explained how his barber upped his price to $200 for his haircut. It seems like even the NFL Defensive Rookie-of-the Year could not get a discount on his haircut.

“My barber upped his house call price to 200!!! Parsons suggested . I might grow an Afro!

The Cowboys star explained Monday how his frustration stems because no one can see his hair while he plays. He doesn’t understand why the cost of the haircut is so high, even though he is a well-known athlete.

“Man, I don’t mean to knock any one’s business or what they do and I meant no disrespect barbers!” Parsons wrote Monday. Parsons wrote on Monday, “I’m making an easy not on what do I put value to!” If I were a model, my appearance would matter. But I’m a football player! I am always wearing a helmet!

“No one has ever seen me without a helmet! Parsons continued on a thread. “And also value I grew up on 10/20 haircuts ! I’m a man who comes from nothing! I still value the journey that brought me here. I won’t ever pay more than what I used to pay! This is the real me Be on the lookout for Parsons’ hair transformation this season.

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