People keep asking ‘Ted Lasso’ star Brendan Hunt what he stole from the White House

People keep asking ‘Ted Lasso’ star Brendan Hunt what he stole from the White House

“All my friends are like, what did you steal?” says the actor, who plays Coach Beard.

In March of this year, the Ted Lasso cast visited the White House for a conversation about mental health with President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. And, apparently, to delight the Ted Lasso-loving members of the secret service.

“It was absolutely so cool and everyone was so gracious and so nice,” says Brendan Hunt, who plays Coach Beard on the soccer sitcom and is one of the series’ executive producers. “And everyone there had watched the show. Like, secret service agents were behaving with a, shall we say, familiar comportment rather than their usual stoic manner, because they like the show so much. It was bonkers.”

Brendan Hunt takes part in SiriusXM’s Town Hall with the Cast of ‘Ted Lasso’

Brendan Hunt

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That’s wonderful and EW is very happy for all concerned. But this is what we really want to know: Did Hunt steal anything during his visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

“People keep asking me if I stole something and I don’t know what that says about our relationship with our nation’s capital,” he says.

Oof. Well, sorry for being so predictable.

“For the record, you’re the first interviewer to ask,” he says. “But all my friends are like, what did you steal? What are you talking about? And no, I didn’t. But I did buy things at the special gift shop that only special people get to go to.”

What do they have for sale there? Photos of the Area 51 alien autopsies?

“No, but they do have champagne flutes with the presidential seal on the bottom, and ‘Next President’ babygrows and stuff,” he says. “So, no. No theft. I guess I should have stolen the Michelle Obama portrait if I’d brought a big enough pocket.”

Ted Lasso is currently midway through the show’s third and possibly final season. While Hunt claims not to know if the current 12-episode run will be the series’ last, he does hint that the fortunes of the victory-starved AFC Richmond could change following the team’s recent visit to Amsterdam.

“I can only say that things were getting pretty down at Richmond in episodes four and five,” he says. “In Amsterdam, everyone seems to have gotten something that they need and now it just remains to be seen if those things will bear fruit.”

Ted Lasso season 3 is currently streaming on Apple TV .

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