Patrick Beverley Gives Emotional Speech With Paul George and Pascal Siakam

Patrick Beverley Gives Emotional Speech With Paul George and Pascal Siakam

Even though Patrick Beverley is no longer on the Clippers, he still trains with his former teammates during the off-season. In a recent training camp with Rico Hines, Patrick Beverley practiced with both Paul George and Pascal Siakam. 

During the camp, Beverley made an impassioned speech to campers, telling them to find their niche and not try to be like Pascal Siakam or Paul George.

“Everybody here ain’t Paul George,” Beverley said. “Everybody in here ain’t Siakam y’all. You understand that the teams you go to aren’t going to be able to have the ball like that, so y’all gotta be loose. You gotta cut, you gotta do something, you gotta be active. Defensively, everyone is trying back but we ain’t running back. How good do you want to be?”

The biggest thing for new NBA players to understand is that they have to find their role, just like in any other job in the world – that’s the main message Patrick Beverley wanted to get across

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“Find your role, find your niche and your role,” Beverley said. “Find it, find it. Everybody ain’t going to be able to shoot hesi pulls, that’s just the reality of it.”

If there’s one person in the NBA who knows his role better than most, it would be Patrick Beverley. He knows exactly what he’s in a game to do, scrap for loose balls, play tenacious defense, and cut to the basket. With that knowledge, he went from starting his career overseas to having a very successful NBA career.

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