Oliver Stark on ‘9-1-1’ season 6 finale, Buck’s new romance, Lucy’s return, and that couch

Oliver Stark on ‘9-1-1’ season 6 finale, Buck’s new romance, Lucy’s return, and that couch

The final episode of the season was filmed before Fox canceled the series and ABC picked it up for season 7.

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the 9-1-1 season 6 finale.

The 118 is well versed in heading into the unknown, but the 9-1-1 cast was doing the same as they filmed the season 6 finale of their first responder drama.

“We were aware of rumors of the show moving to ABC, but we were also aware of rumors of Fox not picking it up. And so, we didn’t know if it was going to be the last episode we ever shot,” Oliver Stark tells EW of not knowing if the show was renewed. “So, we were really taking it all in and enjoying each other’s company and time.”

And there was plenty of together time to enjoy. Stark says the 118 actors spent almost two weeks filming the bridge collapse crisis that left much of the firehouse in danger during Monday’s finale.

“We went and stayed in the hotel in Long Beach and it was nice,” the Buck actor says. “It felt like we were on location and getting to make this really special episode together.”

In the wake of the finale, we asked Stark to break down Buck’s role in the 118 rescue, Kameron’s living room delivery, the return of Arielle Kebbel’s Lucy, and what’s in store for Buck and Natalia (Annelise Cepero) — and that new couch, of course.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This was an intense episode.

OLIVER STARK: That’s great. The stakes are much higher when it’s someone from the 118 in danger. So, everybody turns up and brings their best, and I think we know that it’s going to tug a little bit more on the heartstrings of the audience.

We also got to see Lucy return. How was it having Arielle Kebbel back?

It was great. When she first came onto the show in season 5, she fit right in with everybody. She has a really great energy. So it was brief, but I think it was important because we never really closed out that situation [when her character left]. So, I think it made sense to have her come back and to get to be such an important part of that moment.

I think he’s feeling a bit suffocated at the beginning of the episode, with her staying with him. That was never the deal, that she was going to be living with him or that he was going to be that involved in the situation. But I think when the baby comes and he hands the baby off to her, I think it’s a huge weight off his shoulders. He’s made peace with the fact that he was just a donor, but he didn’t know for sure how he was going to react in the moment. I think it’s a breath of fresh air for him, and lets the chaos fade away.

That chaos almost drove Natalia away, but things seem headed in the right direction now?

Yeah, I think it’s exciting. I think it’s a case of two people who are much more settled in who they are — at least more than Buck was 10 episodes ago. And I think that’s very important when forming a new connection, that the two individuals are aware of who they are within themselves. I think it’s good timing, and it looks like things are aligning for them. They really understand each other, and they’re not willing to compromise too much on their own values, but they are willing to make compromises in the situation. I think it’s a recipe for an exciting and healthy connection.

And now he wants her to help him pick out a new couch!

It’s funny you say that because people have said in the past, “Oliver confirmed Couch Theory!” I’m like, Oliver didn’t confirm it, Buck confirmed it. It’s literally in the first episode [of season 6], right? He makes the link of these past two couches came with girlfriends, so that symbolism was there. So yeah, I do think it’s very meaningful that by the end of the season he’s able to look another partner in the face and say, “Hey, let’s go pick out a couch together.” I think it’s nice to have seen that symbolism continue throughout the whole season, and for him to consciously make that decision to associate the couch and the partner.

How does it feel to know the show will continue with season 7 on ABC?

It’s a relief in some senses. It’s funny, because as much as I say we were aware that it could go away, that’s on one hand. On the other hand, we almost didn’t believe it, so we didn’t say our goodbyes to each other. So it’s nice that we get to continue working together, and we’re all so happy. We love making this show and we love playing these characters, and it’s really exciting. We’re very thankful that there’s an audience for the show, and I look forward to seeing what season 7 brings.

This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

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