Oklahoma’s Theo Wease Mastering Ins and Outs of Hurry-Up Offense

Oklahoma’s Theo Wease Mastering Ins and Outs of Hurry-Up Offense

When Theo Wease caught a second pass near the sideline, it looked almost identical to his game-changing touchdown against Baylor in 2019.. Although Wease’s catch wasn’t enough for the win, it seemed to confirm one thing: Wease is returning.

Wease finished the game with three catches for 37 yards, but none as electrifying as the 33-yard comeback that he turned upfield. Oklahoma opted to pass the ball very little in the second half. As the games get more intense, the redshirt junior’s production will only increase.

The Allen, TX, native decided to stay in Norman, and the offseason reports have been overwhelmingly positive. Wease and his coaches believe he is back to his former self.

” I should have scored honestly,” Wease stated. “I was mad at myself right after it. Then I was even more mad when it was shown on the big screen. But I felt like I didn’t really need anything to bring my back. I’ve been playing a lot so far. Really I should have scored.”

Playing in an offense like Jeff Lebby’s has been a learning experience for Wease, who spent his first three seasons learning a completely different system. It’s a new system and there are so many ins-and outs to master. Wease is already getting the hang of it and even noticed himself looking to return the ball to the middle of field after the play was finished. Every extra play counts.

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“The last couple of years I’d probably leave the ball down, throw it to the sideline or just do anything wild,” Wease said. “Now, I feel like a trigger in the head. It can be seen on one of my catches. I was asked by the referee to get the ball. However, I knew I had to go to center. It just clicks in your brain and you know. It’s important to stick with it .”

Wease only played in one game last season because of injury and hasn’t been able contribute as much throughout his career. Although last season looked promising, the injury was a setback. He had to work hard to get back stronger and build stamina to play in the hurry up offense during the offseason.

” I’d say it was quicker,” Wease stated. “The game speeds up a lot when you practice. This has been difficult, to be honest. It’s been difficult, but we work hard and prepare ourselves for the moment It makes sense that Wease has had to adjust to his fourth quarterback in four year. However, he seems to be in the right place to succeed. Wease’s fast-paced offense will likely give him more open looks in close games. He can make a huge impact on the field if he can continue to build chemistry with Dillon Gabriel ,.

” The first game was a starting point to see where everyone is at with everything,” Wease stated. “So yeah, it was a great beginning point. And I definitely think we handled it well.”

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