Off the Beaten Path – Watertown, South Dakota

Off the Beaten Path – Watertown, South Dakota
Redlin art center
Redlin Art Center

Sometimes, it’s the hidden gems which shine the most. Watertown is one example. Watertown offers a unique combination of great dining and outdoor spaces.

Explore this portrait of the prairie wonders of Watertown, South Dakota. Watertown has a lot to tell. It can be heard whispered from the elegant arches of Kemp Avenue, tasted in local cuisine, and felt in a golden sunset over Lake Kampeska. Here, life slows down and creativity soars. After spending a few days in this beautiful haven, you’ll understand why.

Take a guided tour of the newly renovated Goss Opera House. It is a place where historic charm meets modern elegance. These walls could speak! This area also hosts a variety of local-inspired dishes and drinks, making it an unforgettable dining experience. Watertown Confectionery & Ghost Town Winery will satisfy your sweet tooth with hand-dipped chocolates as well as house-bottled wines. “Come closer” to the AZA accredited Bramble Park Zoo where more than 800 animals from 120 species live.

Waterfront town

Watertown is a hub for prairie culture. It boasts an arts community that you might not expect in a small town of 20,000. The Terry Redlin Art Center has 165 original oil paintings that capture the rural scenes Redlin grew up in. The Watertown Artwalk is a path with 12 sculptures that runs through the downtown area.

Watertown is a fascinating place to visit and write your own chapter. Get started planning your getaway today

How to Get Here

Watertown is located at the intersection of Interstate 29/U.S. Hwy 212. It is approximately halfway between Omaha, Winnipeg, and Minneapolis on Interstate 29. It is also about 200 miles away from Minneapolis on U.S. Hwy 212. Watertown Regional Airport has a new terminal that offers direct service to DenverInternational and Chicago O’Hare airports.

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